Become an Authority, Rock Your Business, Live the Dream!

Todd Falcone

I meet a lot of people on my travels as a network marketing trainer.  John and Nadya Melton are as solid as they come.Their commitment to this profession shows in everything they do.  If you have the opportunity to be mentored by them...or work with them personally, you will be very blessed.They are superstars...and can help you to maximize your own personal potential.

Robert Hollis

One of the most important keys to success is you become who you hang around!! That is why I hang around John and Nadya Melton. They are amazing human beings and they lead by example!! Thank you both for being a blessing!!

Sheel Patel

John & Nadya Melton are leading the charge in blending the online and offline worlds together.  I have learned a wealth of multi-faceted education just by simply following their lead.  They are genuinely interested in the well being of others and that is the icing on the cake. I’ve had a chance to watch their dynamics up close and personal, and let me tell you… they are the epitome of POWER COUPLE! If you get a chance to learn from them, DON'T SQUANDER IT!

Bob Heilig

When I look at all of the amazing things that have happened for me this past year, I can honestly say that if it wasn't for Nadya and John, none of these would have been possible. They showed me every step of how to launch my personal brand. Now I've got my own training blog. I have a podcast. I'm getting ready to launch a coaching program and I'm creating my own online course. So if you're considering them as mentors, I highly recommend them!

Tara Wilson

John and Nadya are a breath of fresh air in this industry!  I appreciate and love their raw energy, humor, information, wisdom, and their true passion for helping people . These two possess every quality you could ever wish for in a mentor.  I love stopping by their blog every day to learn, grow, and get inspired (ok, and entertained!).  Thank you John and Nadya for elevating this profession ~ You two are a gift to the world of Network and Online marketing!!

Rachel Jackson

John and Nadya Melton have got to be some of the GENUINE, hard-working and strategic leaders in the entire industry. Not only do they "walk the walk" but they consistently are producing brand new stories out of their team. They are "now" leaders, not historians - if given the should absolutely be following their mentorship.

David Gasiunas

You both are truly  one of the most generous and inspiring people I know in Network Marketing industry. Your love and passion for helping people is far beyond anything I have seen. You are a true testimony to always being a student, mentor, and trusted friend. Thank you for all you do, Nadya and John!

Josh Zwagil

John and Nadya Melton are some of the most incredible Networkers and Coaches I’ve ever met. I’ve been full time in the MLM industry for the past 7 years and John and Nadya have added a tremendous amount of value to my Network Marketing career. When it comes to social media mastery, lead generation, and understanding the psychology of Network Marketing, there’s no one better!

Dipdeep Gill

Through your training I actually booked 3 presentations this week and just got someone started yesterday. Thank you!

Melissa Swaney

Thank you Nadya Melton and John Melton! This weekend I had 2 people contact me to join my business! Attraction marketing works!! Thank you for all your value!!

BJ Stephens

To borrow a favorite phrase from you "Can I tell you something?".... After nearly 5 decades in this biz and always feeling confident that I was good at what I did (because I had seen some really good success) I realized that everything I thought I knew I didn't really know. Thanks to you and John and one other person my whole professional career has done a complete 360 degrees and the success couldn't be better or sweeter! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me better! And thank you for being my dear dear friends!

Chris York

I've learned and gained so much knowledge for my life and my business over the past year from John and Nadya Melton... I first learned for free from their webinars, their blogs and videos... They were so fun, made me laugh and I had that immediate connection. Then I invested in their courses... Let me say... I'd pay double or triple for their knowledge!!! I love how you are teaching us how to become our own legends!!! Thanks you so much for always sharing your knowledge unconditionally with us!! Just luv u two!