3 Secrets to Making More Money Online

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Hey, you! Is your bank account stingy with you?

Gosh, we remember those days when all we could think about was money. And … it’s tough not to think about it when there is lack of it. We get it!

In this video, we’ll reveal our secrets to dramatically increasing your money mindset, your influence online and therefore your income.

Let’s help you break out of that scarcity mindset and help you build the online empire of your dreams!

3 Secrets to Making More Money Online

3 Secrets to Making More Money Online

Number One: Teach More

If you’re not showing up and helping your friends and followers, you’re being stingy with your goodness. There are people out there that are praying for answers and solutions. You have those answers, you have the key to unlock their prisons and if you are not teaching it or showcasing it, this is why your bank account is stingy with you.

Are people thanking you on a daily basis? Are you educating and inspiring?

You have to bring value to the marketplace. Those who bring the most value, make the most money. We can keep track on the scoreboard of life. The money that you’re earning is a direct reflection of the value you’re bringing to the marketplace.

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Number Two: Prospect Faster

Having conversations and putting out videos is important. If you’re using social media like we do to build your business, your personal brand is important, but at the end of the day you’ve got to get people looking at your business or product presentation.

You’ve got to get people understanding the compensation plan and the products you’re offering. What’s the value of the product, the business, etc.? If they don’t know about your product, your company, or your compensation plan, how can you expect them to get involved?

We all have people that we, for one reason or another, haven’t approached, or we haven’t followed up with them. We had an initial conversation but we didn’t touch base with them to see if they wanted to take a serious look.

It’s really just a matter of popping the question, but you’re not wanting to do it in an annoying way, which is why we teach what we teach about not having commission breath, starting to understand pain points of what they need and why they need it, and understanding their personality. Asking questions and not getting into presentation mode, but more invitation mode is what is going to keep you from being annoying.

Number Three: Have More FunNadya Melton quote on tea and vodka

If your first conversation was not that bad, you waited too long. If your first video was not that bad, you waited around too long. If it’s not a hot mess, you’re waiting around. You’re in your head, which is why you’re not making money. You really ought to weigh your ego with your bank account to see which one weighs more.

Come down to earth and go ahead and do the activities that you need to do, and just be okay with the fact that it’s not going to be perfect. When we are too rigid, then we become a little too stiff. Stop with the snooze fest! Leave the stiff land and enter into fun land. The minute we started to have more fun, we began being called interesting. Uptight makes no money.

If you’re stingy, so will your bank account be. We hope this video helped you realize what needs to come next.

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