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If you lack step-by-step training, resources and inspiration to increase your influence and to set up your online presence so you can become a top producer in your business, we can help you!

John and I met in our early 20’s, and since then we’ve been building businesses together. We’ve spent the majority of our business career inside the Network Marketing industry because it’s an amazing vehicle to build a residual income.

Up until a few years ago, all we knew about business was offline building and we were VERY good at it. We reached the 2nd highest level inside a Network Marketing company, only to find ourselves driving hours every night to do living room presentations.

We created a six-figure income in the business BUT (a big but) we had no lifestyle to speak of. We sacrificed our time with our kids and our family to achieve those results. That’s when our search for better ways began!

We invested a a few years and over $100,000 into our online marketing education, combined it with our Network Marketing business, and the results were insane.


  • We went from making six-figures a year to now making six-figures a month
  • We reached the top position in our network marketing business (without doing home meetings)
  • We created multiple income streams
  • We are now stay-at-home parents =)

So if you are a fan of how we positioned our brands, our blogs, our marketing and you would like similar results, you might really enjoy our step-by-step academies that showcase our secrets that we haven’t taught until now.

Basically, we took our 15 years of “Network Marketing” education combined it with 3 years on “Branding and Online Marketing” Education to bring worth our premium online academies!

VIP Video Marketing Academy

VMA 275x

You’ll never be terrified of going Live again when you learn our step-by-step system that helped thousands of our students go from deathly-terrified of videos to bursting with confidence on camera…

VIP Video Marketing Academy is a digital course that covers every aspect of creating effective videos that bring in big profits.

Gain clarity on what your personal brand is about, figure out what to talk about, get over your fears about being on camera and learn how deliver your message like a PRO!learn more button

Social Network Marketing Academy

Are you frustrated with your results in Network Marketing? Want to tap into the power of Social Media to recruit 10-20 reps a month?

Social Network Marketing Academy is a 5-module online course for new and experienced Network Marketers who want to build their home business empire leveraging Social Media.

We will teach you how to attract more prospects, acquire more customers, and recruit more people in less time. You’ll get how to blend the offline “Old School” strategies with the cutting-edge online marketing strategies to become a hybrid networker.
learn more button

Social Celebrity Academy

Social Celebrity Academy 279x

Social Celebrity Academy is the next level of cutting-edge business and marketing training to transform your brand into an online empire!

You’ll get exclusive access to our advanced business and marketing strategies designed to support you in building your business and your virtual team, making more money and joining the world’s most successful entrepreneurs.
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Mega Branding Academy

Mega-Branding-AcademyMega Branding Academy is our most advanced training. It’s your step-by-step guide to turning your brilliance into a six-figure online brand.

You will get how to create a unique and successful brand that attracts your ideal prospects and clients to you, massive exposure for you and your brand with our (free and paid) traffic blueprint, turn your blog into a cash machine, and much more!learn more button

 What Our Amazing Students Say…

Since I’ve been listening to you (for just a few weeks now), I have signed up 2 recruits, with 2 more this weekend! – Amanda M.

When I switched companies, I started digging into personal development watching everything you two were putting out and even invested in one of your training programs. With the knowledge and confidence I had after the training and live video challenge. In January we doubled in team size and tripled in sales. I have never experienced this before. The ladies on my team who now follow you are having amazing success and it’s all because of the constant training you two provide. For this I am beyond grateful. – Aleshia M.

In just one week since first learning of your programs, I have learned more than I have in multiples of other programs, combined! I’ve watched more videos than I thought I could even fit in and I can’t wait to “graduate” up through each of your programs. Who knew learning could be this much fun. Thanks much! – Cristin G.

My biggest AHA is value the pure value of live videos! You guys are the reason I said it’s now or never! And I am doing this 30 day challenge! Only 5 days in, I have thousands of views, people reaching out to me, compliments, people asking me for advice about their MLM, and am genuinely excited to be able to actually start conversations, get to know people, And figure out how I can help them. – Tiffiny R.

My biggest win is taking your MLA video challenge and beginning my branding journey it helped me to earn 2 promotions and be on the verge of my 3rd in my 1st month with the company!!! – Michelle P.

I started your course in November last year and my biggest aha moment had to be that growing your nm biz online doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. You guys have transformed the way I grow my biz online, with daily fb lives (my most popular live to date getting over 4k views!), you’ve increased my visibility online using your methods and ultimately got me seen by more people, leading to more connections, more presentations and more growth in my biz. So much respect and love for you both! – Emma T.

Oh man, you guys are amazing! Just when I feel like I’m having a horrible day, I watch you guys, and you guys get me so fired up!! I’ve been growing SO much! I started off terrified and questioned my worth to this industry. But I keep showing up and really focus on bringing value every single time. 3 new customers in the last 3 days and 1 new team member! On my way!! Thank you so much John and Nadya!!!! – Laura D.

Before meeting John and Nadya, I just did not have a real system to prospect in Facebook. Now, I do have a clear system. Created my own Group, I am using the Add, Tag, Message technique and my team is finally experiencing duplication. – Sonia R.

John and Nadya’s training is superb and their entertaining delivery is guaranteed to be value packed!! They deliver the goods every time they show up! Inspiring, entertaining, educating & empowering. Every. Single. Time. Love them!!! – Tiffany J.

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