Best Closing Questions & Tips for Social Network Marketers

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How would you like to get more prospects to say yes?

Now most people are not effective closers because they turn into a sales person when that time comes. Let’s adjust your mindset about closing. You are not a sales person. Rather, you are interviewing people to find people you can help with your products and/or qualified prospects for your organization.

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Ask the right questions and let your prospects sell themselves on why they need to join your business or why they absolutely must buy your products. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

We highly recommend that you use a process other than yourself to present your business or your products. Whatever you company or team system is, embrace it. We use Facebook Groups to expose, involve and then upgrade our prospects. Now, once your prospects have seen the video (presentation), let get them talking …

1. What did you like most about what you saw?

  • If they say, “I have some questions…”, respond with, “Sounds great … what did you like most?
  • Answers to this question will reveal their hot buttons. Was it the products? How about the money? Was it the time freedom? Or the fun? Perhaps was it helping people?
  • Don’t assume. Have them tell you exactly what it was in their words.

 2. Tell me more about that … Why did you like <insert what they told you>?

  • They might say, “Well, because I want to fire my boss.”
  • You might say, “Why do you want to fire your boss?”
  • Prospect: “Because I want to spend more time with my family. I want to travel the world.”
  • You: “Why?”
  • Prospect: “Because that to me would be the greatest thing in the world, to be able to wake up when I’m done sleeping. It would be amazing to travel to Paris with my family and not have to worry about the expense. Or, not have to worry about if, God forbid, something happens and there’s an emergency and the family needs some money, I can just stroke a check.”

3. Where are you on a scale of 1 to 10? 10 being you’re ready to get started right now, 1 being you just want to be a customer.

  • Instead of you guessing, just ask them point blank, where are you on a scale of 1 to 10?
  • If they say, “I’m a 7”, say, “What do we got to do to get you to be closer to a 10?”
  • That way they start giving you some of their questions or objections.

When you get objections (aka questions), qualify their objection first by asking this question:

  • “Are you serious about starting a home business and getting out of debt (or traveling the world, or paying off the student loans that you have, firing your boss, whatever they told you)?
  • Is it that you’re serious about that, or you’re not that serious, and you’re just worried about hurting my feelings? Because believe me, you won’t hurt my feelings. This is not for everyone.”

You see how you take it away from them? The point is, be okay with them giving you objections. Don’t get defensive, questions are there to test your posture. Don’t shake in your boots and don’t get all worked up. Qualify the objection first.

Treat objections as requests for further information. – Brian Tracy

Now most people do not get started after the first look. So how can you stay in touch? In today’s video, we discuss how you convert more prospects faster to want to do business with you. Let’s get more yes’s!

5 Best Closing Tips for Social Network Marketers

Here’s the facts: 80% of the people are going to get started with you, whether it’s a buyer of your products or someone who wants to sign up in your business, but it happens after 5 to 12 exposures. Most people you talk to won’t join after your first conversation, or second conversation, but you stay in touch.

Awesome Tips to Help You Close MORE Prospects

If your closing ratio sucks, maybe take a step back and stop trying to close everybody. Mix it up with these tips!

#1 – Activate a Drip Campaign

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Go like and comment, go send a message that has nothing to do with business. When partnering with people, even customers in your network marketing business, you want retention, right? Then you must get great at building those relationships and staying in touch.

People are not loyal to products but they are loyal to people. If they love you, they will want to do business with you.

#2 – Run Your Newsfeed like a TV Channel

You do not want to be that channel that never projects. If people do not see you in their newsfeed every day, they forget about you.

You’ve got to be diligent about creating great content. That’s something that we are improving every day. How can you create quality content that’s exciting and surprising?

 #3 – See Your Best Prospects FIRST

Did you know that on Facebook you can make sure that you can see certain people’s content in your news feed? You can go to that profile and you can choose to see their stuff first. So, every time you log into Facebook and you go to the newsfeed you actually see the people that you want to see.

Dominate your competition

That can be a great strategy for you. Really want to keep an eye on your best prospects? There you go! Now you are commenting on their posts, so now they love you extra!

#4 – Give Them Updates

People love new updates. So give your prospects updates about where you’re at in the business, new product launches, expansion news, etc. Keep them in the loop!

#5 – Be a Human First and a Marketer Second

I have people right now that have joined my team that I’ve talked to on and off for the last year. When you stay in touch and you give them some updates here and there, then you drop some love on their wall, eventually they get started. Have fun, mix it up and stay consistent.

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Feel free to share this with anyone who might enjoy it and also comment below on your favorite tip or your biggest takeaway. We can’t wait to see your comments!

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