Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

  • Is your fear of getting in front of the camera robbing you of achieving massive success in your business?
  • You want to do a broadcast, but as soon as you go to hit GO LIVE…
  • Your negative self-talk makes you question what you should even talk about and if anyone would actually listen to you.

I am in awe of how this challenge stretched me, challenged me, got me out of my comfort zone and opened me up to a new way of doing life. I've signed on 2 new business partners this month and 3 new customers. Thank you!!!

Michelle S.

That's why we created the 30 Day Video Challenge!

  • Video is the fastest way to build your brand, establish yourself as an authority in your business and to attract leads like clockwork. Video creates a celebrity effect.
  • Did you know that video is 800% more effective than text?
  • Social video generated 1200% more shares than text and images combined.
  • Video marketing has been the #1 strategy to transform our life from zero to hero.

I've learned how important it is to be present over perfect. Over the past 30 days, I have added 10 new members to my team, and helped 8 business builders rank up! It's  been an epic month and I cannot thank John and Nadya Melton enough for  creating this challenge.

Lisa L.

Learn How to Deliver Your Message Like a PRO!

  • Get over your fears and worries about being LIVE on camera
  • Gain clarity on what your personal brand is about
  • Fine-tune your vision and find your voice
  • Figure out what to talk about
  • Look your very best on camera with our tools and tips
  • Conquer your small thinking once and for ALL!

I work as a model and actress and have done national commercials, but it is something about seeing the "LIVE" button and looking myself in the face. I signed up three ambassadors this month compared to none last month and I am certain that the video challenge had everything to do with it. Thank you John & Nadya for giving me the "challenge" to step out of my comfort zone!

Taya B.

Are you ready? Let's roll!!


STEP 1: If you want to join in, simply watch the video above and leave a comment letting the world (and us) know you’re doing this!

STEP 2: Spread the word! It’s always easier when you have an accountability partner (or two or three) to support you along the way.

STEP 3: Join the My Lifestyle Academy Facebook Group by entering your name and email below . This is where you’ll find your accountability tracker, watch the challenge unfold and where we’ll be sharing some free advice and training along the way. The goal here is for you to get comfortable on camera.

We value your privacy and would never spam you.

I'm amazed at the attraction marketing concept and how quickly it starts working! I signed 2 new business partners and got 5 new customers! Thanks John and Nadya. So glad I picked up your courses!

Monday W.

Without further ado, we invite you to join us in the

30 Day Video Challenge

Download your 30-Day Accountability Guide. It will equip you with the calendar, tools, headline formulas and a strategy to rock your videos like a BOSS!

Whoohoo! It was a superb exercise that definitely got me out of my comfort zone. My biggest takeaway is the provide "content value" and it's been so incredible for my business. I ranked up last night and achieved the "white cadillac" level in my company! THANK YOU MELTONS!!! XOXO

Arlene M.

My business was already growing during this video challenge, but I also achieved a car bonus during this time, promoted 2 other leaders to their car bonus, and guess where I met those 2 people?? SOCIAL MEDIA! 

Fallon Z.

I have lost my fear and inhibition to getting on camera through the daily immersion of the challenge. I've learned some technical skills, I've strengthened my gratitude muscles, and I've gotten new business from the videos posted! Thank you Nadya and John!

Dr. Steve S.

I have I gotten over a HUGE fear of being seen and heard, I have booked 15 appointments for presentations in this next 2 weeks. People are reaching out to me every single day now! I've also signed on 6 new coaching clients! This challenge was exactly what I needed!

Jennifer A.
Holly F.

In the last 30 days I have added over 50 new followers, the "likes, comments & shares" on my live videos and other daily content have increased dramatically. My confidence has increased enormously, my fear of going BIG has minimized to a point where I feel there is no limit to what can be accomplished. #Grateful

Tiffany K.

I have increased my brand awareness, added 60 new friends to my Facebook list and have made real connections with new people all over the world. Thank you for the daily motivation to push through, work hard and see our brilliance! xoxo

Are you in? Simply leave a comment below and let us know. Here’s to you on camera!

love it? not so much? let us know...

Thank you John & Nadya for helping us get out of our comfort zone and #obey! I am no longer reluctant to hit that "Go Live" button. I find I want to do it many times a day even when it is inconvenient now. I want to share when something pops into my mind now!

Mary Ellen C.

This challenge was the push I needed to take the step out of my comfort zone. Yes it was hard at first, but totally worth it in the end. Thank you so much John & Nadya for setting us up for success and for all the support along the way!!

Hannah W.

I am so grateful to both of you for this challenge. I have pushed through my fears more than I thought would be possible! I am getting messages that I am inspiring people just by doing my videos and being myself.

Danielle L.

I've been pushed out of my comfort zone in so many ways! This challenge has given me a glimpse at how success is possible just by sharing the real me! Thank you so much for all the value you have provided.

April J.

I absolutely loved being a part of this challenge! Have gotten so many compliments! Being able to inspire people to think about personal development is something I am not going to stop doing.

Eefke S.