How Long Should Your Facebook Videos Be?

How long should your videos be on Facebook?

In this video, that we recorded while in Jamaica, we discuss with you how long or short your videos should be. We’ve done thousands of videos and we have uncovered what works and what doesn’t work on Facebook. Tune in.

How Long Should Your Facebook Videos Be?

If you’re posting a static, prerecorded video that you upload later, it should be one to three minutes long. Videos that perform well are funny videos, how-to videos, educational and entertainment

Also, when you are uploading a static video, it will perform better if it has captions. We use a service called Rev.Com, which provides captions for your videos for a dollar per minute.

The other type of video you want to consider is live video. In fact, live video is the hottest thing right now that you as an entrepreneur and marketer. When it comes to live video, we’ve done videos that are a few minutes to an hour.

Live videos can be longer than static videos.

With live video, the length all depends on the type of video. Ten minutes is a perfect length for most videos. However, if it’s a webinar, presentation, or live Q and A, you can go longer. This is especially true if the live broadcast is scheduled and promoted.

People will expect a longer training if you promote your live broadcast ahead of time. Don’t be afraid to make a long video, even if no one shows up to your broadcast. You never know who will watch the replay!


Video marketing is a powerful tool. If people love you, they’re going to want to do business with you.

Be Unapologetically YOU

Your vibe will attract your tribe. If you’re gonna attract, you’re also gonna repel. Be okay with the fact that you are not going to be everyone’s cup of tea.

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