How to Use the 15-30 Formula to Help You with Prospecting

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Prospecting is a proactive activity that you should be executing daily or at least 5 days a week. Here is how we see it … you can either go out to prospect or you can tap into Facebook’s database of a few billion people.

Did you know that Facebook is 10 times larger than ESPN? That’s a huge channel that you can broadcast on as well! Yes, you want to master prospecting but don’t ignore your marketing efforts. Your goal is to be doing both.

If you master the Facebook prospecting strategies we teach, you are all set. Let’s dive into our 15-30 formula to help you become a lean mean prospecting machine!

How to Use the 15-30 Formula to Help You with Prospecting

Your Daily Method of Operation Should Include

There are two components to success online that you should be fulfilling each day: Prospecting and Creating Content. How often should you create content? The answer is, every day. You are a network, just like HBO. You should model yourself after big networks and create new content each day for your audience.

Where to Find Your Ideal Prospects on Facebook

What if you could tap into Facebook’s database of billions of people? You can! There are different buckets of people you can pull from that will take you from puddles to oceans so you can swim to the land of abundance.

Your Friends List

It’s amazing how many people say they need to find people online and ask where all of the people are. Let’s say you have 900 friends on Facebook. How many of those 900 have you spoken to in the last week, or two weeks, or even a year?

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You need to be more strategic every day by going through your friend list and paying attention to the existing contacts you have. Right now, there’s a lot of people you could easily reach out to.

Don’t overthink it- treat them like your best friend. Think of it this way: If you weren’t in network marketing and just bumped into them, what would you say?

Ninja tip: You can actually use graph search (we have a tutorial inside our #MLAnation Facebook group that shows you how to do it) to sort through your friends list and identify interests so you can be strategic about who you are reaching out to.

Facebook Pages

The next ocean of opportunities on Facebook is Business Pages. Identify 3-5 Facebook pages that you actually enjoy. You should have those pages notify you every time there is a post and head over there and leave a comment! You can do the same thing with Instagram. Head over and drop some comments, and you will absolutely find people to connect with.

Facebook Groups (#GOLDmine)

What we’ve found is that business pages are not the ideal place to build a community. Facebook groups are! Facebook groups make people feel more comfortable, and they feel more exclusivity, so they open up more.

Don’t join a bunch of different groups and then try to go and spam. Join 3-5 groups where you have genuine interest. Then you want to be a human first and a marketer second. Bring value to the group. Answer questions. Be helpful. Begin conversations without an agenda.

Network marketing on facebook

Let’s say you have a weight loss product.  How could you use a Buy, Sell or Trade groups to promote your product without spamming? You post clothing for sale. “My clothes don’t fit anymore, so I have to sell all my clothes because I lost so much weight.” Eventually, you’ll have people connecting with you and asking how you lost your weight! The next thing you know, you can further connect.

You want to look at it as you are putting money into this future bank account. You can’t get money from an empty bank account, so don’t join these groups and then withdraw money from the empty bank account! Keep depositing so that you can draw later.

15-30 Connect to Attract Formula

The goal is Comment (Connect) to Attract. If you’re diligent and you’re generous, over time you’ll have so many leads you won’t know what to do with them.

To use the 15-30 Formula, you will need to set aside time each day. Over the course of 15 minutes every day, you should make 30 meaningful comments. Or, if you’re just getting started, reverse the formula, and take 30 minutes to be diligent about posting 15 comments! Customize it to your needs, but this formula will help you to connect with more people and start making those deposits to draw from in the future!

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