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Here's What You'll Get with Mega Branding Academy:

  • Create a Unique & Successful Brand that Attracts Your Ideal Prospects & Clients to You
  • Create Content Easily & Efficiently
  • Develop Your Branding Infrastructure to Get You More Leads on a Daily Basis
  • Learn Our Top Branding Strategies that Create Massive Success
  • Discover Our Outsourcing Formula to Work Smarter not Harder
  • Create Massive Exposure for You and Your Brand with our (Free and Paid) Traffic Blueprint
  • Turn Your Blog into a Cash Machine
Natacha P.

I had no idea the impact the MBA course would make in just 5 short months. Before taking this course, I did not have a clear direction of my purpose or how much value I had locked up inside of me. I took massive immediate action and implemented what I learned. I now have a massive following, coaching clients and launching my first webinar and 5-week course. The best part of my story is that I took my children on the journey with me. They also have built a social media following and are moving faster than I am.

Natacha P.

What is Your Online Presence Right Now?

What Does Google Say About You?

  • In any business that you are building, you are selling yourself.
  • People are much more concerned with YOU, than they are about your business.
  • It does not matter if you have the best business in the world, if you don’t successfully position yourself as a leader in the eyes of your clients, you will go nowhere.
  • You are constantly being evaluated… sized up, compared and measured.
  • People want to work with winners. They are attracted to leaders. It’s part of our DNA, we are attracted to excellence.

Your Name is Your #1 Asset. Take Control of It so Google Reflects It!

Glenn D.

This course is a breath of fresh air to anyone needing to fine tune their messaging and discover their unique brand. This course could be one of the best business decisions you make because discovering your brand and how you are different in this massively competitive environment could determine the direction of your business entirely.

Glenn D.

Why Build Your Personal Brand

Here's what the MBA Course does for you...

Module 1: Brand Positioning

  • How to Define Your Brand's Voice, Purpose and Identity
  • Crash Course on Proper Messaging
  • How to Position Your Brand as Your Unique Authority Brand

Module 2: Brand Design

  • How to Make Your Brand Stand Out
  • Visual Branding Creation Do's and Don'ts
  • Tools to Infuse Your Brand with Stunning Graphics
  • Social Media Makeover

Module 3: Content Formula

  • How to Form Your Mighty Content Marketing Plan
  • 7 Smart Content Creation Strategies You Need to Know
  • Omnipresence: The Art of Being Everywhere

Module 4: Website

  • How to Launch Your Website in Record Time
  • How to Turn Your Blog into a Cash Machine
  • Authority Website: Essential Components
  • Our Blog Post Creation System

Module 5: Marketing

  • 5 Brilliant Marketing Principles You Need to Know
  • Insane List Building Strategies & The Best Tools to Use
  • How to Create High-Converting Email Newsletters and Auto-Responder Series
  • Facebook Ads Made Easy

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In Case We Haven't Met ...

Hey, Nadya here ... First of all, how cool is it that you are on this page? You must be ultra serious about creating results in your business. If you are ready to work smarter by building your six-figure brand and you have no idea where to begin, we've got you covered!

Let me tell you a little bit about how we got started and where our experience building a business and brand comes from. My husband John and I met in our early 20's, and since then we've been building businesses together.  We’ve spent the majority of our business career inside the Network Marketing industry because it's an amazing vehicle to build a residual income. Up until a few years ago, all we knew about business was offline building and we were VERY good at it. We reached the 2nd highest level inside a Network Marketing company, only to find ourselves driving hours every night to do living room presentations.

We created a six-figure income in the industry BUT (a big but) we had no lifestyle to speak of. We sacrificed our time with our kids and our family to achieve those results. That's when our search for better ways began!

We invested over $50,000 and a few years into our online marketing education, combined it with our Network Marketing business, and the results were insane. Then we began to surround ourselves with systems to leverage our talents: our blogs, funnels and a virtual team. As a result of that, we now have 10 income streams and are finally living the dream.

A lot of our friends and followers wanted to know our insights and strategies. We noticed that there was a need in the marketplace for this kind of training and we felt selfish not projecting our strategies on a bigger scale! We hope to see you on the inside- but only if you are deadly serious about finally getting the results you've wanted while enjoying the rockstar lifestyle with your family! xo

For any queries, send an email to support@mylifestyleacademy.com