Power Prospecting Plan for Modern Network Marketers

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Are you ready to become a modern social network marketer? Can you imagine the day when prospecting is just effortless for you?

What if you also created an online presence that is so captivating that your prospects couldn’t help but throw their credit cards at you to get started?

The good news is … it’s never been easier to create your home business empire utilizing Social Media. The bad news … when you first get started, you may struggle for months or even years.

In Network Marketing and online, you will either be rewarded or punished based on the life you led prior to getting involved. Eric Worre was right on the money with that sentence! So, keep your eyes on the prize, have long-term vision and have fun with it.

Let’s get into power prospecting strategies and how you can become the modern-day social network marketer!

Power Prospecting Plan for Modern Network Marketers

You have to build an audience.

There are a lot of people in network marketing that don’t know how to market.

We didn’t want to run out of leads, so that’s why we took to social media several years ago. We were tired of chasing people. Having to go after the same leads, and talk to the same people over and over again.

We wanted to have an abundant mentality, and that’s why we had to get creative. We had to learn how to market.

So you first build your audience and then you will generate leads inside that audience. Makes sense?

Hybrid Marketing

Hybrid marketing is very simple. You are using the interwebs to build a brand so people get to know you. Then you realize that you must be High-Tech and High-Tough. You can’t be afraid to get on a skype call or a phone call, or meet someone for coffee.

It just makes sense to master both online and offline, and to blend those two worlds together.

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We see a lot of online marketers that are using the internet to market, but they’re not having day-to-day communication on the back end. They’re hiding behind their keyboard.

If you’re not prospecting on the back end, it’s all for nothing. If you’re only prospecting and you’re not marketing, it’s like you are planting seeds but you’re not watering them.

How to Grow Your Audience

If you want to increase your audience, you have to realize that you are after trust. How do you build trust with your audience? Trust is built over time, just like trust in a relationship is built over time. It takes consistency. It takes you showing up daily and inspiring people. You’re going to have to hustle, you’re going to have to put that work in.

Add this equation into your method of operation: Expose, Involve, Upgrade.

Expose people to your brand, involve them in your content. Eventually, as people get to trust you because you’re consistent, and because now they’re getting to know you, and people that know love and trust you are going to want to do business with you, they’ll want to upgrade with you. They’re going to want to buy your product, and they’ll want to join your business.

Plug Them into a Success System

Then, you want to get them plugged into a system. You can get them involved in a Facebook community, a conference call, or a weekly meeting, as long as you’re getting them involved in your system.

SYSTEM stands for Save Yourself Time Energy & Money.

You cannot create big results if you don’t have a duplicatable system. It’s important to have the marketing, prospecting, and personal development down, but you need a system to plug in your prospects, new recruits, and customers.

Three Brilliant Tools

There’s three tools you need to build your business. Download the Facebook messenger app, use the audio recorder, and use Facebook live.

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The easiest people to recruit are your warm market. If you look at the momentum in network marketing, it’s not a bunch of strangers recruiting a bunch of strangers. When you do videos, people feel like they know you, so they become warm market.

The fastest way to convert “cold market” into “warm market” is consistent live videos. Nervous?

Catch this: You will be bad before you’re good, good before you’re great and great before you’re exceptional. So stop it with your perfection-itis and just get started!

Stop pitching. Start listening.

You have to have conversations with people, but use common sense. If someone’s happily married, and you are single, you’re not going to prospect that person to go out to dinner. But you don’t know that unless you have a conversation.

We would love to tell you that there’s a perfect script you can use with everybody, but that just doesn’t work. If you’re scripted, you’re in your head, and that means you’re not present. You need to come down to earth and listen.

If you hate money, don’t do videos!
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If there’s one piece of advice you truly need to follow, it would be to master live video. Get out of your comfort zone, and if you’re already doing Live video, find ways to get better.

It’s not about perfection, but it is about you perfecting your craft.

It’s pretty amazing what will happen for you if you just keep doing videos!

If you want to get top dollar for what you do, if you want to be the best of the best, if you want people to hop on your broadcast and share without thinking about it, you have to iron out your art. Every single day, look for little ways to improve.

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