Is Your Home Business Keeping You Away From Home?

Learn how top producers recruit 10-20 teammates every single month by working less and earning more!


There’s no denying YOU WORK HARD. (TOO hard!)

  • You’re out there making calls, presenting in living rooms, demonstrating in coffee shops, driving all around the city in hopes of building the biz of your dreams.
  • You're pushing as hard as you can to earn enough income to quit your day job, support your family, and live the freedom-focused lifestyle you've always desired.
  • But so far this work-from-home biz has been way more work than freedom.
  • You’re working 50, 60, 70+ hours every week but still not seeing the income that will allow you to break free. Instead, you feel TRAPPED, FRUSTRATED, EXHAUSTED, and BURNT OUT.

Tell us, does it feel like you’re...

  • Missing family moments, precious sleep, even a few showers? It’s like life keeps passing you by as you work, work, work, work, WORK.
  • Constantly wasting money and time on leads that just don’t convert?  You spend ALL this time recruiting, but people either won't commit or ghost after they do. Bottom line? No one's helping fill your bank account.
  • Flailing? You keep throwing different strategies and tactics at your business, but they just seem to add more work to your ‘to do list' without bringing in a dime.
  • Too shy to be a strong leader? You want to be seen as an expert in your field, get hired for public speaking events, and lead your recruits with ease, but you have no idea how to find that confidence. (Or even fake it!)
  • Stuck? You can’t take a vacation, a break, or even a nap without the fear of losing money, traction, or your chance at success. You feel like a hamster in a wheel, and all you want to do is stop.

You see other people succeeding all the time! You’re beginning to think:

Yet, you're filled with so much passion and ambition! You can still hear the tiny voice calling you to GREATNESS and FREEDOM. You know why? Because THAT’S the path meant for YOU.

Just take a second and imagine a life where...

  • Your bank account is FULL.
    You have the freedom to quit your day job, buy your dream house, take luxurious vacations, donate to your favorite causes or whatever financial freedom means for YOU!
  • You get to spend quality time with your friends and family instead of grinding away at your biz.
    You're there for every soccer match, dance recital, and birthday party. You're even able to be more present in your day-to-day life because you're not just obsessing over your bottom line!
  • You can conduct your business 100% online.
    No more 3-way calls, parties, or presentations (if you don't want!) You're closing way more leads and sales from the comfort of home!
  • You’re free to take vacations, breaks, and all the naps you want because you’ve set up duplicable systems.
    There’s no need to work all the time just to maintain your cash flow. Let your systems handle the hard stuff!
  • You’re filled with confidence and pride for everything you’ve accomplished.
    Whether that’s traveling, spending time with the family, or speaking at public events, you are finally living your best life. You feel accomplished, successful, and you know it’s only going to grow from there!

Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Well, we have some fantastic news for you… THIS gorgeous life can be YOURS.

How do we know?
Because we’ve helped thousands of struggling network marketers find success while working less and earning more!  And if they can do it, and we can do it, so can YOU.


This revolutionary, 5-week course blends 15 years of experience in offline “old school” strategies with the most modern, cutting-edge online marketing strategies to date. Through clear, step-by-step systems, you'll learn how to become a hybrid networker and grow your business without all the time-consuming mumbo-jumbo like live parties, weekly meetings or 3-way calls!

More Money + Less Time = Living the Dream!

Hi! We’re Nadya and John!

And believe it or not we did not pop out of the womb with a seven figure network marketing business. Nope! In fact, we’ve gone through SO MANY ups and downs with our business it’s hard to keep track. See, both John and I were recruited into network marketing straight out of college. (In fact, this is where we first met! Awe!)

We LOVED it. The idea of mixing personal development and business was revolutionary. It opened our minds to all sorts of possibilities that we never thought possible. And it didn’t help that we were pretty darn good at it the 2nd time around!   We reached the 2nd highest level inside our company and were making well over six figures annually in less than 3 years!

But you know what? We had ZERO life.

Sure, we were making great money, but we had no time to enjoy it! It was one of the scariest places to be because we'd put everything into our dream…

And it gave us handcuffs of meetings, phone calls and home parties every single day. We sacrificed so many precious years with our kids and family just to see those kinds of results. It wasn’t worth it. It just wasn't. So, we left. And because we had been making them so much money the company tried wrongfully suing us for 2.5 million over our departure!

After a ridiculous 18 month legal battle we finally settled for a tiny fraction of that.… and it was over. It sounds horrible, but it was an enormous lesson for us that made us so much stronger as business owners, as a couple, and as individuals.

We thought our luck would surely turn around for us in our new company… And it did for awhile until it got shut down by the FTC in Sept of 2015.

“You have got to be kidding me?!” we thought. We had enough.

But instead of giving up, we decided to push ahead and transform the way we did business.

We invested six figures into coaching, masterminds, and courses so we could learn EVERYTHING about social network marketing. This was a massive investment since we had lost our income, but we trusted the process. We knew the more we invested in coaching, the faster we’d succeed.

The rest, of course, is history.

We combined everything we learned about social media with our 15 year experience of traditional marketing and the results were insane. After only a few short months, we went from making zilch to 6 figure years MONTHS! We went onto recruit over 300 people on social media and built a team of over 7,000 people globally in less than 2 years!

Today, our network marketing team consists of 3500 active marketers, and we do millions in sales/month with 80% of that volume coming directly from customers! Of course, many of our friends wanted to know our strategies and tactics, and we've never been stingy about sharing information, so we helped. But that's when we realized there was a real need for this kind of hybrid marketing training on a larger scale!

So, Social Network Marketing Academy was born!
By teaching the same techniques we used to build our success, our goal was to create a program we WISH had existed when we first started our business. Now, we’ve helped THOUSANDS of network marketers (just like you) achieve unbelievable results with way less stress and struggle!

Helping others succeed has become our greatest passion and life’s work. We truly believe we were sent here to help people achieve freedom. Some days we step back and thank God for not letting us stop when massive adversity hit and for not listening to all the naysayers back then.

What if we believed what they told us? Honestly it scares us just to think about it.

  • So, don’t listen to doubters (even if the only doubter is YOU).
  • Don't give up when you breakdown and burnout;.
  • Don’t stop before you’ve truly started.

Because the truth is:

  • You deserve success.
  • You have the confidence and tenacity to lead.
  • You CAN build a rockstar lifestyle for you and your family!
  • You just need a little push (and proven strategies) to get there.

As a student of Social Network Marketing Academy, you’ll learn..

  • Our exact strategies we've used to build a seven-figure business in less than two years So you can achieve similar results in substantially less time!
  • Power prospecting and attraction marketing strategies to help you generate more leads, more sales, and build a bigger team using duplicable methods!
  • Leadership skills so you can be the consistent and confident leader you've always wanted to be. Elevate your status from a distributor to an influential industry leader!
  • How to create unstoppable growth and take over the leaderboard because your inbox is PACKED with so many top-level leads!
  • The ATM Facebook Group Strategy, so you never have to host another home party again. (If you don’t want to!)
  • Duplication techniques so you can scale with ease and better yet, take a vacation without anxiety!
  • Organizational systems so you can track your prospects and avoid superstars slipping through the cracks!
  • And so much MORE!

Are you ready to BREAK FREE and build a self-sustaining digital empire for you and your family?


3 Monthly Payments of Only


Validity : Lifetime



One Payment of


Validity : Lifetime


Any questions? Send us an email at

John & JaRee B. - United States John & JaRee B. - United States

Applying the principles in the SNMA course, we’ve duplicated it with our teams and are seeing a MASSIVE growth curve! The results are immediate as our Facebook friends list increased by 80 people in one week! The “Infomercial” we had on our Facebook pages was laughable, now it’s professional! This is the most powerful, most comprehensive course I’ve seen in 5 years. John and Nadya are phenomenal!

Ali S. - United States Ali S. - United States

From the first time I saw John & Nadya doing a live training, I was hooked. I knew immediately that I needed to invest in the the SNMA course and more than that...invest in myself. I was having a lot of success in my new direct sales business, but I was moving forward without focus and lacked a plan. After watching the first few lessons I implemented what seemed like the TINIEST tip and recruited 3 new people that week! I can't wait to continue through the rest of the course!

Hilary S. - United States Hilary S. - United States

Before joining SNMA, I'd had quite a bit of success just because I was working hard. Now, however, I find myself working smarter because I've formulated a concrete goal along with specific actions to get to my goal. Writing it down and tracking my actions has resulted in a 136% growth in my team size and a 148% growth over my record group volume in just ONE MONTH. Having accountability within the group to do this has had a huge positive impact on my business and personal lives!

Darren J. - United States Darren J. - United States

Just got my 2nd business partner from Facebook because of your training. OMG you guys rock!

Melissa K. - United States Melissa K. - United States

The SMNA course has been the game-changer in my business. Within the first month of using their strategies, I tripled my sales from the previous month and have signed another business partner.  I love the fact that I have lifetime access and that they are continuously updating the material! Thank you so much for always over-delivering!

What’s the difference between Social Network Marketing and Traditional Marketing?

That's a fantastic question. The short answer: duplication.

  • With traditional marketing, you need boots on the ground. To get any traction you have to host parties, directly call prospects, and give countless presentations.
  • You also need to write blogs, draft sales pages, create funnels, and so on.
  • NONE of these actions are duplicable. (Unless you’ve discovered how to clone yourself!)

But Social Network Marketing techniques are so easy. We like to say someone 8 years old or 88 years old could master them.

For example, the ATM Facebook Group system is one of the most POWERFUL social networking techniques you can use to skyrocket your success. In fact, we credit this system with our success in building our million dollar organization.

Why is it so successful?

Because it allows you to harness power prospecting and attraction marketing strategies to help you quickly generate more leads, more sales, and build a bigger team using 100% duplicatable online methods (no websites and tech skills required!)

Understand why we devote a WHOLE SECTION to the ATM Facebook Group system in our Academy?

The goal of Social Network Marketing is to set up strategies and systems that run themselves, that your network can duplicate, and where you can run off to the beach and still make money! And when you combine Social Network Marketing with Traditional Marketing the results are pure magic.

Leon & Raquel K.

SNMA is excellent! Very easy to follow and it's consistently updated with fresh and relevant content. Highly recommended!!!

Leon & Raquel K.
Pamela P.

Woot Woot! So I just enrolled my first associate in my biz using the ATM strategy!! I have been doing live videos since the 30-day video challenge in May, started a secret group to add people into, and this was by far the EASIEST sign-up I have ever had!!! Thanks John and Nadya! You guys are the bomb for com!!!

Pamela P.

Take a Peek Inside the Academy!

Each module is packed with short, fluff-free, highly entertaining videos and PDF's so you can follow along. We know it's a lot to learn so we like to keep things fun and light as you painlessly breeze through these lessons. Trust us; you won't be sleeping in the back of the class in this Academy!

Module 1: 6-Figure Business Building & Branding Secrets

  • Your success is a direct result of your mindset. Successful people aren’t just born with the confidence to succeed. Many of us are held back by fear, procrastination, and a lack of self-confidence. In this module, we’ll break through those limiting beliefs!
  • We’ll show you how to avoid common branding mistakes! Create a successful brand, and how to understand and use your social media infrastructure to your advantage.

Module 2: The Ultimate Rejection-Free Prospecting Strategies

  • Learn how to unlock Facebook's entire database of 1.23 billion daily users so that you can identify ideal prospects for you and your business.
  • Get our best scripts and secrets to connecting like a boss so people literally CAN’T say no!
  • Discover our ATM Facebook Group Blueprint to creating massive momentum in your business.

Module 3: Social Media Lead Generation Plan

  • If you are struggling with what to post to attract leads, this module will show you how to create a profitable content plan to maximize your reach.
  • Discover how to make Facebook algorithm your bestie, so your posts always show up at the top of people's newsfeed.
  • Live video is the fastest way to build your brand and establish yourself as an authority. Learn how to sell your products and promote your business effectively using Facebook Live.

Module 4: Complete Team Building Formula

  • Would you like to become a more effective speaker? Learn how to face your fear of public speaking to become an "undisputed authority" in your business.
  • Learn the 4 best closing questions to ask your prospects and the secret to avoiding objections in the first place.
  • Discover the power of the 3D-W Launch, the simplest, fastest and most effective method to launch your business online from scratch!

Module 5: Top Producer Playbook for Hyper Momentum

  • Following up is an art all of its own. In this module, we'll show you how to follow-up effectively and without being annoying.
  • Get our explosive momentum blueprint: the best way to knock people off the fence, how to never run out of a warm market again and the secret to building stability in your organization.
  • If you stink at everything in Network Marketing, but you master this one magical skill, you can crush it!
Ariel C. - United States

Since I started applying the strategies I learned in this course, I tripled my engagement and I've been receiving tons of friend requests on Social Media. Came across a prospect and by just using and putting into work what I learned in Module 4, BOOM!!! Sign ups! It works, just follow and do exactly what they teach and you will get results.

Ariel C. - United States
Eefke S. - Netherlands

The SNMA course helped me build my confidence in the network marketing profession. I met some amazing new friends and business partners. I just love the fact that the course gets updated whenever something has changed in the world of social media. All of the amazing content inside the course really blew my mind!

Eefke S. - Netherlands
Jamie B. - United States

Since plugging into John & Nadya'a trainings, I've seen my inbox overflow with connections & leads. Their trainings are simple, yet powerful & explosive in results. I'm so grateful I invested in myself and plugged into this power couple. I cannot thank them enough for all they share!

Jamie B. - United States


We'll give you more!

Check out these value-packed bonuses!

Bonus: Rapport Building Mastery

  • Discover the absolute secret to creating unusual success in business.
  • You're in the people business. The better your people skills, the bigger your business! Take a personality test and learn how you can communicate with all 4 personalities like a Pro!
  • Master the Art of "No-Pitch" Sale. - Truly a game changer!

Bonus: Cold Market Recruiting Mastery

  • Learn how to approach anyone anytime without being (or feeling) weird.
  • If you don't want to contact your warm market or grow a following, you can buy and work home-business leads. Discover our system to working cold market leads.
  • Get the scripts, tools, and insights to make you a cold market recruiting pro!

Bonus: 90 Day Accountability Guide

  • The reason why most people never achieve significant results in their business is that they spend way too much time working on the wrong things.
  • This 4-page resource guide includes a 90-day calendar to keep you on track with your income-producing activities.
  • Connect with an accountability partner inside SNMA Facebook community to help keep you on task with your activities.

Bonus: Beyond Mindset

  • Learn how to recover from ‘perfection-itis’ and move forward with your business.
  • Strengthen your resolve when you find yourself stuck or ready to quit.
  • Crush your limiting beliefs and ‘get over’ your emotions so you can push towards success.

Bonus: Success Series with Top Network Marketing Legends

  • Hear how the creme de la creme of network marketing accomplished their success.
  • Learn from their mistakes and successes in this entertaining, and informative interview series.
  • Discover how to model some of their most effective strategies to get similar results in your business.

Bonus: VIP Access to our Private SNMA Community

  • You get lifetime access to the academy and to our private SNMA Facebook community.
  • Get continuous support and encouragement through your transformational journey.
  • Ask questions, get feedback and plug into bonus tips and insights shared inside the community.

Bonus: Ultimate Guide to Creating Stunning Graphics

  • When you raise the quality of the images you use on Social Media, you raise your brand's value and your bottom line.
  • Learn how to create or outsource gorgeous Social Media branded graphics.
  • Discover our favorite tools and apps for creating HD images.

Bonus: Complete Social Network Marketing Academy Script Book

  • Download our favorite scripts to help you become ultra effective when go to prospect, invite, close and follow up.
  • Additional bonus downloads include: "Facebook Profile Branding Checklist" and "Best Facebook Post Ideas for Lead Generation".
  • Get your hands on our "Crush it with Facebook Live Checklist" and more!


3 Monthly Payments of Only


Validity : Lifetime



One Payment of


Validity : Lifetime


Any questions? Send us an email at

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not at all happy with Social Network Marketing Academy course content and it’s amazing bonuses, just let us know via email within 30-days of purchasing and we’ll grant you a 100% refund. No questions asked. (We’re THAT confident you’ll love this program!)

Shivang J. -  Australia

I gained over 170 followers, received over 300 friend requests from qualified leads and signed up 17 people into my business in 30 days. Big shout out to John and Nadya's SNMA course which walks you through step-by-step on how to build a duplicatable business using social media.

Shivang J. - Australia
Angela C. - New Zealand

This course has totally revolutionized my business.  I loved doing each module and with it gained confidence along with competence, putting the polish on my actions to get better results.  My business literally tripled in the month of January with 3 x higher conversion in leads joining my team AND duplicating that throughout my business.  

Angela C. - New Zealand
Karen K. - United States

I've been looking for this level of mentorship for a long time. I've found the best of the best with John and Nadya Melton.  On the court experience is the 'secret sauce' to the SNMA course.  They teach with authority because they've been in the MLM trenches for 15 years.  Every time I'm stuck, I go back to a module and "BAM" content brings it home.  I'm getting 10x more engagement, increasing my prospect pool and customer base.  Highly recommend!

Karen K. - United States
BJ S. - United States

Because of the SNMA course with John and Nadya, I added 21 people to my business in 3 days plus because of the videos and Facebook marketing, I have now begun my own product, writing my second book, and have booked 4 speaking engagements. One of the best investments I have EVER made and I highly recommend them to everyone I meet!

BJ S. - United States
Dominic and Mary M. - United States

As a result of this course and all of John and Nadya's continued training through their group, we've gained more confidence, aligned ourselves with great like-minded people whom we now call friends, and YES have improved our overall business presence.  Thank you for all you continue to do, John & Nadya Melton!

Dominic and Mary M. - United States

After I Sign Up… What’s Next?

  • Click the Enroll Today button and complete your payment. We take all major credit cards (easy)!
  • You'll receive a confirmation email along with the login to your course page!
  • Class begins whenever you’d like to start! You’ll have access to ALL the modules and bonus content from day one!
  • We recommend taking 5 weeks with this course so that you have enough time to digest and implement all our strategies. However, this is a self-paced course, so it's completely up to you!

This Academy might NOT be for you if..

  • You're not open-minded or willing to learn new things. This course will completely transform the way you think of marketing, so you'd better be ready!
  • You’re super negative. We only like to work with positive dreamers who have their eye on the prize!
  • You're lazy and aren't committed to your business goals. Why are you even here?

What Others are Saying about John & Nadya Melton

Karen T. Karen T.

I was not expecting much from the SNMA course. I knew nothing about John and Nadya and really didn't think they could teach me anything I didn't already know. I was very pleasantly surprised. I am very impressed with their level of knowledge about the business as well as social network marketing and what works. I learned so much about how Facebook functions and how to get it to work for me. I feel like I have known them my whole life and not just for 5 weeks. I consider them my friends and am thankful for everything I learned from them. Cheers!

Emily P. Emily P.

Going into SNMA, I had a fear of being pushy, salesy, or “icky”, as that is what I tend to see on Social Media from other Network Marketers. I wanted to be different and professional. The Academy has taught me how to do all of that (and more) with confidence. I now know how to effectively build relationships and prospect, I have actionable steps that I can take to be my own brand and market myself effectively, and most importantly I have the confidence to put myself out there and start to really build my business. John and Nadya do AMAZING work and they never stop giving value! I can 100% recommend this course to any Network Marketer or even small business owner!

Matt R. Matt R.

SNMA has completely changed by business! I went from struggling online to being looked up to as an expert and now able to recruit 2-5 new reps/month.

Annora B. Annora B.

I am a recent participant in SNMA with John and Nadya. This program made me more confident in what I need to focus on in my business but more importantly more confident in myself as an entrepreneur.

Jessica D. Jessica D.

I am so thankful that I came across John and Nadya’s SNMA! I have learned so much and I’m ready to take my business to the next level. If you’re in business and work through social media, you definitely want to invest in this course. Best investment ever!!

Kim M. Kim M.

GREAT Class!! Lots of easy, immediately usable content & insight! Would pay to take it again, for sure!! John & Nadya are so excited to help! Great energy, interaction. Just loved it & now love John & Nadya & will be participating in every class/training they offer!!

money back logo

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not at all happy with Social Network Marketing Academy course content and it’s amazing bonuses, just let us know via email within 30-days of purchasing and we’ll grant you a 100% refund. No questions asked. (We’re THAT confident you’ll love this program!)


  • Network marketing doesn't have to leave you stressed and exhausted. It can be the ticket to your FREEDOM.
  • This is your time to go after your dreams and build the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.
  • Let’s go out and make it happen.

Meet John and Nadya …

Hello!  First off, we want to thank you for joining us today. 

Today, you are taking a HUGE step towards accomplishing your dreams. We are so excited to share our secrets and help entrepreneurs and network marketers (just like YOU) build your own home business empire.  

Without social media marketing, we never could have become 7-figure earners, built a following of over 75,000, recruited over 1,500 people, and reached a top position in our company.

There’s just NO WAY.

We’d still be stuck working 80+ hours a week (each!), driving all over the place, and never having time for our kids!

Thankfully we discovered a way to merge our 15 years of traditional network marketing with modern online strategies to create a killer system that we now want to share with you!

Our mission is to teach you how to build a business that gives you FREEDOM with your time and FREEDOM with your finances. Because we want you to make all the money you desire without sacrificing what matters most, spending time with your friends and family.

Learn our simple, step-by-step strategies, and start implementing them in your business right away. Let's CRUSH IT!


Nadya + John

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