Are You Frustrated with the Lack Of Results in Network Marketing?

Would you like to know how the top producers recruit 10-20 reps every single month with Social Media?

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We Will Teach You How to Attract More Prospects, Acquire More Customers, Recruit More People in Less Time and Create Your Home Business Empire with Social Media.

You’ll Get How to Blend the Offline “Old School” Strategies with the Cutting-Edge Online Marketing Strategies to Become a Hybrid Networker.

If You’re Ready to Work Smarter, Not Harder and Create Results Far Beyond Anything You’ve Ever Experienced, This Course is For You.

John and Nadya Melton

Here is What You'll Get with Social Network Marketing Academy:

  • Our Exact Strategies We've Used to Personally Recruit Over 300 People on Social Media and Build a Team of Over 7,000 People Globally in Under 24 Months
  • Become the Consistent, Confident Leader You've Always Wanted to Be!
  • Have so Many Leads, You Can't Keep up with Your Inbox
  • Elevate Your Status from a Distributor to an Industry Leader
  • Create Content that Compels Your Prospects to Buy Instantly
  • Create Unstoppable Growth and Take over the Leader Board
  • Finally Experience the Duplication inside Your Business so you can Vacation without Anxiety
  • Employ Systems to Stay Organized with Your Prospects to Avoid Superstars Slipping through the Cracks
  • Master the "ATM" Facebook Group Strategy so You Never Have to Do Another Home Party if You Don't Want to

Applying the principles in the SNMA course, we’ve duplicated it with our teams and are seeing a MASSIVE growth curve! The results are immediate as our Facebook friends list increased by 80 people in one week! The “Infomercial” we had on our Facebook pages was laughable, now it’s professional! This is the most powerful, most comprehensive course I’ve seen in 5 years. John and Nadya are phenomenal!

John & JaRee B. - United States

This is the first course I purchased when I entered the MLM world. INCREDIBLE! Helped me build to a leadership position in my company within 6 months and leave my 60 hour week job so I could pursue my home business full time! Love this course!

Lisa L. - United States

From the first time I saw John & Nadya doing a live training, I was hooked. I knew immediately that I needed to invest in the the SNMA course and more than that...invest in myself. I was having a lot of success in my new direct sales business, but I was moving forward without focus and lacked a plan. After watching the first few lessons I implemented what seemed like the TINIEST tip and recruited 3 new people that week! I can't wait to continue through the rest of the course!

Ali S. - United States

This Online Program is for New and Experienced Network Marketers who are Ready to:

  • no longer struggle with generating leads
  • stop wasting money on leads who don't convert
  • release "commission" breath
  • recruit more with less time
  • turn part-time income into full-time income
  • crush it despite being shy or lacking confidence
  • PS. NO technical skills required

Before joining SNMA, I'd had quite a bit of success just because I was working hard. Now, however, I find myself working smarter because I've formulated a concrete goal along with specific actions to get to my goal. Writing it down and tracking my actions has resulted in a 136% growth in my team size and a 148% growth over my record group volume in just ONE MONTH. Having accountability within the group to do this has had a huge positive impact on my business and personal lives!

Hilary S. - United States

Just got my 2nd business partner from Facebook because of your training. OMG you guys rock!

Darren J. - United States

The SMNA course has been the game-changer in my business. Within the first month of using their strategies, I tripled my sales from the previous month and have signed another business partner.  I love the fact that I have lifetime access and that they are continuously updating the material! Thank you so much for always over-delivering!

Melissa K. - United States

Discover Exactly What You'll Learn Inside the Course

If you want Facebook to move your home-based business forward, you need step-by-step instructions from someone who's been there and done it for thousands of people just like YOU.


Module 1: 6-Figure Business Building & Branding Secrets

  • Your success is a direct result of your mindset. Successful people aren’t just born with the confidence to succeed. Many of us are held back by fear, procrastination, and a lack of self-confidence. In this module, you'll get how you can achieve it.
  • Many people are branding themselves the wrong way on social media. Using social media the right way is the secret to walking into any industry as a success. This module will show you how to create a successful brand, and how to understand and use your social media infrastructure to your advantage.

Module 2: The Ultimate Rejection-Free Prospecting Strategies

  • This module will show you how to find your ideal prospects and our best-kept secrets to connecting like a boss.
  • How do you know when it is the right time to convert someone from prospect to client or business partner? This module will show you our magic formula to turning leads into prospects.

Module 3: Social Media Lead Generation Plan

  • If you are struggling with constantly attracting deadbeat leads, this module will show you why. You'll get how to stop attracting the wrong type of leads and how to attract the right ones.
  • Discover how to trick Facebook algorithm into loving you, and putting your posts at the top of people’s newsfeed.
  • How to Use Facebook Live to Sell Your Products and Services

Module 4: Complete Team Building Formula

  • This module reveals presenting and closing strategies used by top producers in the profession, and shows you how to get better conversions when you do presentations.
  • If you are starting to build a team, your teammate launch pattern needs to be systematic. As a leader, you should be teaching simple steps to get your new person results. In this module, you'll get our formula to launch a new teammate and help them get results.

Module 5: Top Producer Playbook for Hyper Momentum

  • The fortune is in the follow up. In this module, you'll get our complete follow up system. Know what to say and when to follow up to avoid superstars slipping through the cracks.
  • Get Our Explosive Momentum Blueprint: How to use Facebook groups to build a community (the infamous ATM strategy), how to never run out of warm market again and the secret to building stability in your organization.

Since I started applying the strategies I learned in this course, I tripled my engagement and I've been receiving tons of friend requests on Social Media. Came across a prospect and by just using and putting into work what I learned in Module 4, BOOM!!! Sign ups! It works, just follow and do exactly what they teach and you will get results.

Ariel C. - United States

The SNMA course helped me build my confidence in the network marketing profession. I met some amazing new friends and business partners. I just love the fact that the course gets updated whenever something has changed in the world of social media. All of the amazing content inside the course really blew my mind!

Eefke S. - Netherlands

Since plugging into John & Nadya'a trainings, I've seen my inbox overflow with connections & leads. Their trainings are simple, yet powerful & explosive in results. I'm so grateful I invested in myself and plugged into this power couple. I cannot thank them enough for all they share!

Jamie B. - United States


Bonus: Rapport Building Mastery

  • Discover the Absolute Secret to Creating Unusual Success in Business
  • Understand the 4 Personality Types and How to Motivate Each
  • Master the Art of "No-Pitch" Sale

Bonus: Cold Market Recruiting Mastery

  • How to Approach Anyone Anytime Without Being Weird
  • How to Work Home-Business Leads Successfully
  • Scripts, Tools and Insights to Make You a Cold Market Recruiting PRO

Bonus: 90 Day Accountability Guide

  • The Reason Why Most People Never Achieve Big Results in Their Business is Because They Spend Way Too Much Time Working on the Wrong Things.
  • We've Created a 4-Page Resource Guide with a 90-Day Calendar to Keep You On Track!
  • Accountability Partners to Help Keep You on Task with Your Activities

Bonus: VIP Access to our Private SNMA Community

  • You Get Lifetime Access to a Private Mastermind Community in the SNMA Private Facebook Group
  • Continuous Support and Encouragement through Your Transformational Journey
  • Get Your Questions Answered by John, Nadya or Other Members of the Course

I gained over 170 followers, received over 300 friend requests from qualified leads and signed up 17 people into my business in 30 days. Big shout out to John and Nadya's SNMA course which walks you through step-by-step on how to build a duplicatable business using social media.

Shivang J. - Australia

This course has totally revolutionized my business.  I loved doing each module and with it gained confidence along with competence, putting the polish on my actions to get better results.  My business literally tripled in the month of January with 3 x higher conversion in leads joining my team AND duplicating that throughout my business.  

Angela C. - New Zealand

I've been looking for this level of mentorship for a long time. I've found the best of the best with John and Nadya Melton.  On the court experience is the 'secret sauce' to the SNMA course.  They teach with authority because they've been in the MLM trenches for 15 years.  Every time I'm stuck, I go back to a module and "BAM" content brings it home.  I'm getting 10x more engagement, increasing my prospect pool and customer base.  Highly recommend!

Karen K. - United States


Complete Script Book, Best Facebook Post Ideas for Lead Generation, Ultimate Guide to Creating Stunning Graphics, Live Prospecting Session with Master Recruiter John Melton!

snma total value
snma now value

Because of the SNMA course with John and Nadya, I added 21 people to my business in 3 days plus because of the videos and Facebook marketing, I have now begun my own product, writing my second book, and have booked 4 speaking engagements. One of the best investments I have EVER made and I highly recommend them to everyone I meet!

BJ S. - United States

As a result of this course and all of John and Nadya's continued training through their group, we've gained more confidence, aligned ourselves with great like-minded people whom we now call friends, and YES have improved our overall business presence.  Thank you for all you continue to do, John & Nadya Melton!

Dominic and Mary M. - United States

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What Others are Saying about John & Nadya Melton

Karen T.

I was not expecting much from the SNMA course. I knew nothing about John and Nadya and really didn't think they could teach me anything I didn't already know. I was very pleasantly surprised. I am very impressed with their level of knowledge about the business as well as social network marketing and what works. I learned so much about how Facebook functions and how to get it to work for me. I feel like I have known them my whole life and not just for 5 weeks. I consider them my friends and am thankful for everything I learned from them. Cheers!

Emily P.

Going into SNMA, I had a fear of being pushy, salesy, or “icky”, as that is what I tend to see on Social Media from other Network Marketers. I wanted to be different and professional. The Academy has taught me how to do all of that (and more) with confidence. I now know how to effectively build relationships and prospect, I have actionable steps that I can take to be my own brand and market myself effectively, and most importantly I have the confidence to put myself out there and start to really build my business. John and Nadya do AMAZING work and they never stop giving value! I can 100% recommend this course to any Network Marketer or even small business owner!

Matt R.

SNMA has completely changed by business! I went from struggling online to being looked up to as an expert and now able to recruit 2-5 new reps/month.

Annora B.

I am a recent participant in SNMA with John and Nadya. This program made me more confident in what I need to focus on in my business but more importantly more confident in myself as an entrepreneur.

Jessica D.

I am so thankful that I came across John and Nadya’s SNMA! I have learned so much and I’m ready to take my business to the next level. If you’re in business and work through social media, you definitely want to invest in this course. Best investment ever!!

Kim M.

GREAT Class!! Lots of easy, immediately usable content & insight! Would pay to take it again, for sure!! John & Nadya are so excited to help! Great energy, interaction. Just loved it & now love John & Nadya & will be participating in every class/training they offer!!

There is no better time than RIGHT NOW to start seeing more sales and success in your business. We'll show you exactly how to make it happen!

One Payment of $297 Only / 2 Monthly Payments of Only $165
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In Case We Haven't Met ...

Hey, Nadya here ... First of all, how cool is it that you are on this page? You must be ultra serious about creating results in your home business. If you are ready to work smarter by building your business utilizing Facebook and you have no idea where to begin, we've got you covered!

Let me tell you a little bit about how I got started and where my experience building a business and brand through social media comes from. My husband John and I met in our early 20's, and since then we've been building businesses together.  We’ve spent the majority of our business career inside the Network Marketing industry because it's an amazing vehicle to build a residual income. Up until a few years ago, all we knew about business was offline building and we were VERY good at it. We reached the 2nd highest level inside a Network Marketing company, only to find ourselves driving hours every night to do living room presentations.

We created a six-figure income in the business BUT (a big but) we had no lifestyle to speak of. We sacrificed our time with our kids and our family to achieve those results. That's when our search for better ways began!

We invested a lot of time and money into our online marketing education, combined it with our Network Marketing business, and the results were insane. A lot of our friends from other Network Marketing companies wanted to know our insights and strategies. We noticed that there was a need in the marketplace for this kind of training and we felt selfish not projecting our strategies on a bigger scale! We hope to see you on the inside - but only if you are deadly serious about finally getting the results you've wanted while enjoying the rockstar lifestyle with your family! xo

Nadya Melton
Nadya Melton

18 months ago we made a very BIG decision to hire a coach to help us take our marketing, personal brand and lifestyle to the next level. 12 months after that, we had an honor to speak on his stage to showcase our lessons that made the biggest impact on our business. Would you like our cutting-edge Social Media strategies? Join us for a LIVE masterclass "How to Build a 6-Figure Home Business Using Simple Step-by-Step Social Media Strategies" here -

Posted by John & Nadya Melton on Friday, February 3, 2017

Continuing to apply what I learned from the SNMA course, the engagement on every post has EXPLODED! I've received over 1000 New friend requests and/or followers in just one month. Its resulted in over 50 new customers in just over one months time and opened a tremendous amount of new opportunities. I'm thrilled more than you can imagine with my success and would highly recommend SNMA course to everyone using Facebook for business and branding.

Steve N. - United States

The best thing to have happened to me ever since I started Network Marketing are the Meltons and the SNMA!! I finally know and understand Attraction Marketing!! Can't Thank You enough!!

Abhishek D. - Dubai

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