Top Producer Recruiting Secrets Revealed

Recruiting can solve all of your problems.

If your business isn’t where you want it to be, recruit more people and build a new team. If your business isn’t growing fast enough, recruit more people. Get better at recruiting. If you’re not leading by example, your people will do what you do.

In this video, John reveals some of his top recruiting secrets for building or rebuilding your team. Recruiting is extremely important if you want to build a big business, so it’s important that you get good at it.

Top Producer Recruiting Secrets Revealed

Use the 5-5-3 Prospecting Formula

The first secret to recruiting success is this formula: 5-5-3. The first 5 means that every day you should try to friend up to five new people.


Where do you get 5 new friends every day? There’s 2 billion people on Facebook. Start some conversations, and join some Facebook groups with like-minded people. It could even be five people that you meet at your son’s soccer game.

The next 5 is five people you invite out to a meeting. The 3 is three people who take a look at your business (or product).

So, each week, your goal is to find three people who sit through a presentation, or join the group chat to watch a video.

Wish Happy Birthday Daily

The next secret is to wish people a Happy Birthday every day. It’s so powerful to wish people a Happy Birthday, but when you do this, you make sure that you’re different. Hundreds of people wish people a Happy Birthday on their wall. They won’t even see that! Some of the best people we’ve ever recruited came from initially wishing them a Happy Birthday.

Build Solid Relationships on Purpose

It’s all about building relationships. If you want to make big money in network marketing, the number one thing that you have to prioritize is building and maintaining relationships.


You can’t just be nice to someone right up until you pitch them, then when they say no you never talk to them again. You have to maintain relationships.

You have to find people when it’s the perfect time, and in order to do that, you have to stay in touch with people.

Use the Audio Recorder in Facebook Messenger

It is so powerful, and it’s duplicatable! Calling and scripting everybody in this day and age is just not as effective- it’s annoying! It’s easier to stay in touch with people, wish Happy Birthday, and invite people to look at your opportunity through Facebook messenger.

Remember that you are a professional conversation starter.

If You Want Success, You Need to Brand You!

What do people think of when they look at you? Only 10-20% of what you post should actually be about your business. If you’re looking for content, try to teach people something. What are you learning? Turn around and teach that to people.

Make sure you post every day. Doesn’t ESPN release content every day?

The last thing that will help you to become a better recruiter and build a bigger and better team is group chats.

Get yourself out of the way! You are the reason they’re not joining.

19339742_10154505860580766_1931261002_oUntil you’re seeing big results, they’re still questioning the opportunity. But, if you put them in a group chat with your upline, even if they say no, you’ll never wonder.

The profit is not respected in their own hometown, so people aren’t going to listen to you because you are their friend, or their family member.

If you have a team, you’ve got to ask your team how many group chats they are doing. If they’re not putting you into group chats I’d just assume they’re not working. That’s where you jump into phase 1, recruit new people, and eventually, you’ll have a strong team of successful individuals to build your business.

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