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Discover Social Media prospecting insider secrets AND peek behind the curtain at the exact scripts we've used to recruit thousands!

Ready to take your Social Media to the next level?

Get Weekly Tips to UP Your Business and Your Lifestyle to Your Inbox!

Plus VIP Access to our Private Branding & Online Marketing Mastermind

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Every week, John and Nadya teach the best network marketing tips and strategies, talk to top industry leaders and share real-world advice.


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Our brand new 90-Day Tracker helps you stay focused, get organized, and hit your goals for 90 days in a row!

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Ready to take your Social Media to the next level?

Get Weekly Tips to UP Your Business and Your Lifestyle to Your Inbox!

Plus VIP Access to our Private Branding & Online Marketing Mastermind

My Lifestyle Academy


Every week, John and Nadya teach the best network marketing tips and strategies, talk to top industry leaders and share real-world advice.


success tracker

Our brand new 90-Day Tracker helps you stay focused, get organized, and hit your goals for 90 days in a row!

Helping You Create a Life You Don't Need a Vacation From!

It’s possible to have it ALL! The financial success, the dream schedule, and the time freedom!

Confused about what your first steps as a network marketer should be? Lacking the resources and, worst of all, the inspiration to scale your business? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Hey, John and Nadya here!

Today we're home business experts, trainers, personal branding and online marketing strategists. We pride ourselves on helping thousands of entrepreneurs and network marketers all over the world build their home business empire leveraging Social Media!

Uh-uh. We hear you.

Not too long ago, we had the same questions. We kept wondering how the most successful people started out, what they did every day, and most importantly... could we replicate it?

After years of continuous learning, we were able to crack the code to create a life you don’t need a vacation from.

It turns out, network marketing requires you to play on two levels.

On one, you must develop a solid outer game: strategies, tactics, formulas.

The other requires having a stellar inner game.

We want to help you get both!

Because success tastes so much sweeter when you see other people having the best time of their life & growing their impact!

It All Started When... click here to keep reading


Our mission is to impact entrepreneurs to create success and at the same time, share that success and give back to the most vulnerable communities. That is why we partner with some of the top organizations in the world.

For every $1 that you spend with us, 5% of it goes towards providing clean drinking water to those in need through project 'The Last Well'; nutritious meals to children through project 'Manna Relief', or to project Operation Underground Railroad — a non-profit that tackles child trafficking.

Thank you for supporting our mission and helping us make this world a better place!

The Last Well

According to WHO (the World Health Organization), 785 million people drink polluted water. The Last Well helps provides safe drinking water to thousands of people by building adequate water systems.

Manna Relief

According to the United Nations, 1 in 7 children is malnourished. Manna Relief provides access to adequate nutrition for children.

Operation Underground Railroad

According to the United Nations, 1.2 million children are being trafficked every year in almost all countries of the world. Operation Underground Railroad helps save these children and provide them with adequate after-care.




John and Nadya have literally transformed my business and my LIFE with their teaching! So much value is packed into everything they do. They pour out their hearts and their minds and give it 110% #allday #errrrday! Be sure to subscribe to their podcast. You can thank me later!"

Mindy B.


Nadya & John Melton are so unbelievably incredible! These two not only want to see you succeed but they root you on the entire way! They provide proven tips, tricks & tools that are set in place to help you work your business to the max potential every day. All you have to do is commit yourself to it. I so look forward to their daily trainings and can’t thank you both enough for all your help and inspiration!

Ashley B.



The time I found John and Nadya online was the turning point in my Network Marketing business. They show up everyday bringing so much value, with tips and step by step guides that has brought me success I never knew was possible in my business. They’re witty, lovely, hilarious and always on point!!"

Margie D.


This information is life changing!

Thank you John & Nadya for setting the scene, providing incredible, valuable and entertaining content in the Network Marketing field. We all need to shout it from the mountain tops that this information is life changing and this field is an incredible growing profession. Thank you guys for everything.

Kellie L.

The Best.

John and Nadya’s trainings are invaluable! Live videos, groups, challenges, and now a podcast...any way that you can consume their info—do it! Listen, learn, and take action!

Morgan Z.


Great Podcast!

John and Nadya always give value, great tips and ideas. Thanks so much.. Excellent..

Mic P.


Strategies for life.

John and Nadya bring enthusiasm to every podcast! Their wealth of knowledge in marketing and building your businesses is invaluable!!!

Coach Tony C.


Watching from a distance... INCREDIBLE couple!!

These two shine their light everywhere! I’ve watched them on multiple platforms for quite sometime. I’ve listened to their words of encouragement, their story, their antics (super funny), and the love they share. You would be “stonato” if you pass them by."

Nicky S.

Best podcast.

They give the best info and don’t sugar coat. Just what we need.

Heather D.

The best of the best!!

These two amazing people, leaders and mentors have changed my life!! They care about others and it shows by how they show up daily to provide priceless value. Their trainings not only have helped me in my business but my life as well. Love you both, John and Nadya

Heather G.


Love them!!!

I make sure I get notified every time they go live or make a post! They offer so much value with their trainings and I absolutely love it when they interview other leaders in the industry! Their humor is the best!!

Tammy V.

Always Value.

John and Nadya always provide value to all in the MLM industry! From lead generation to branding, their content is always top notch. Honor to be part of their organization!

Maria P.

So helpful.

I have been so Impressed with these trainings and have always received valuable information that is relatable and helpful in my business. I so appreciate the information that you guys are sharing. Thanks so much!

Jamie T.

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The last 2 years I binged watched the Melton's [content] and saw my paychecks skyrocketed. Because of John & Nadya Melton's systems, I have been sought after by CEO's of companies wanting my advice and expertise. 

John & Nadya are the King and Queen of taking average people and helping them make above average income because their systems and training deliver to the beginner or even the most advanced Pro.

Troy Landwehr

John and Nadya Melton are absolute geniuses at showing people how to use social media to grow their network marketing businesses. They're true heart-felt people that really have integrity and want you to succeed.

If you're looking at just working with them or just investing in their courses or anything you want to do with them, we highly recommend it.

Ray and Jessica Higdon

I meet a lot of people on my travels as a network marketing trainer.  John and Nadya Melton are as solid as they come. Their commitment to this profession shows in everything they do. 

If you have the opportunity to be mentored by them...or work with them personally, you will be very blessed.They are superstars...and can help you to maximize your own personal potential.

Todd Falcone

When I look at all of the amazing things that have happened for me this past year, I can honestly say that if it wasn't for Nadya and John, none of these would have been possible. They showed me every step of how to launch my personal brand.

Now I've got my own training blog. I have a podcast. I'm getting ready to launch a coaching program and I'm creating my own online course. So if you're considering them as mentors, I highly recommend them!

Bob Heilig

John and Nadya are a breath of fresh air in this industry!  I appreciate and love their raw energy, humor, information, wisdom, and their true passion for helping people . These two possess every quality you could ever wish for in a mentor.

I love stopping by their blog every day to learn, grow, and get inspired (ok, and entertained!).  Thank you John and Nadya for elevating this profession ~ You two are a gift to the world of Network and Online marketing!!

Tara Wilson

This powerhouse couple captivated me a few years ago, and I quickly saw that they were the real deal.  When they told me to do Live Videos.. I’ll be honest, I wanted to run the other way. However, I saw how quickly they were building a brand which in turn was building their business.. FAST!  I knew it had to be done and there were no other couple to learn from than John and Nadya.

Their trainings are impeccable, absolutely top notch.. and very entertaining, might I add.  They DO what they teach and that’s what I love about them. John and Nadya, I adore you both and can’t thank you enough for the commitment and inspiration you give to everyone in this profession.

Julie Burke

John and Nadya Melton are absolute rock stars when it comes to helping you grow and build your business using Social Media.

If you want to dive into the newest latest strategies that actually work and duplicate with your network marketing team, make sure you plug into everything that they do! I personally love working with them and everything that they teach works like magic!

Tanya Aliza

Kim and I are the top earners in our business right now, doing millions and millions in sales, and I’m telling you straight up, of all the leaders/trainers/speakers/mentors, it’s because of John & Nadya.

We've been watching them for years and how they not just recruit, not just position themselves but how they duplicate and lead their team. My family owes them a huge debt of gratitude for their leadership. They’re rockstars to us!

Tom Challan

Tom Challan