90-Day Success Tracker

Our brand new 90-Day Tracker helps you stay focused, get organized, and hit your goals for 90 days in a row!

Want to turn your social media accounts into a big ol’ pot of gold, even if your network is oh-so-tiny?

Get The Skills, Strategies & Tools You Need To Bring Your Dream Marketing Business To Life In The Next 90-Days

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This tracker is our secret weapon for creating long-lasting progress.

it Will:

Help you focus on your money-making activities!
Prioritize your goals!
Hold you accountable!

Plus, we showcase our best Social Media and business building strategies, so you can crush it even faster!

Why be normal when you can be extraordinary?

There’s no secret to success. There is a system to success. And if you work it, it works for YOU!
It’s time to let other people wonder how YOU are creating results!
And it will be all thanks to this secret weapon!

PS: Make sure you give us a shout out on social media when your Tracker arrives! We've invested so much time and effort to make this a reality.

We made it FOR YOU! So you can go out there and crush it.

Hello! We're Nadya and John Melton!

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We are not patient people.

We know how it feels to be treading water in your business when what you really want is a speedboat.

That's why we are so excited to share our secrets so that you too can build your home business empire!

Because the truth is, without Social Media protocol...

Our 7-figure income...
Our millions of dollars in revenue...
Our team who regularly produces over 10,000 new customers every month...

Never would have been possible.

Not in a million years.

We'd still be stuck working 80+ hours a week (each!), driving all over the East Coast, and never having time for our kids! BELGH! 

And growth would have taken DECADES instead of MONTHS.

Today, our mission is to help YOU connect with your audience, prospect with ease, build a huge team, and create the lifestyle of your dreams, quickly.

Once you learn our simple, step-by-step strategies, you can start implementing them in your business right away.

SIDE NOTE: This isn't some get-rich quick scheme, it will take dedicated work and focus to go on this journey. BUT with our guidance, you'll get to your destination so much faster.



John & Nadya


We're feeling the love! #StopItSomeMore

Marina P

Wow! What an amazing tool!! Love the graphics and the content ROCKS!! Thank you so much!

Amanda W

Omg! This is incredible! So much valuable info in one document! Thank you so Much! 

Casey M.

Wow! This is the guide I've been looking for! Thank you for this resource, can't wait to see where it takes me

Ray and Jessica Higdon

John and Nadya Melton are absolute geniuses at showing people how to use social media to grow their network marketing businesses.

Natalie J

I was able to enroll 5 new customers and 2 new affiliates this month.

Lisa W

Easiest Sign Up tonight ever, thanks to ATM!

And we can't wait to hear about it! We can't wait to see you on the path to success

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