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Launch, Build, and Grow a Profitable Network Marketing Business on Social Media with
the Famous ATM System!

Learn from us exactly what we’ve done to teach our team to get them to produce millions of dollars every month!

We’re actively building our business, so we are proving day in and day out that the ATM System works! 

And if anything changes?

You’ll be the first to know because we will be the ones making the changes and upgrades.

If you're screaming 'YES' at the computer right now,

You are NOT alone

We went through the same frustrations until we implemented this exact system.

The truth is, when it comes to this entrepreneurial journey, there's no path around Suckville. You have to work hard and sacrifice as you set the stage for long-term wealth growth.

Get rich quick schemes don't work. Money NEVER just falls in your lap. You can't just THINK your dreams into reality.

(As amazing as that would be.)

BUT...there are shortcuts. (Massive shortcuts, a.k.a. our famous ATM method!)

When you use the RIGHT strategies and learn from the RIGHT mentors who actually put it into action, you can race through Suckville and reach your destination much, MUCH faster. (And with less stress and struggle!)

That destination = FREEDOM!

Build your business from 6 feet apart

"ATM System is the way! 12 new customers in 3 days using this strategy!"


"Our tribe is now #16 income earner because of this system!"


"I already have 68 leads because of our system in less than 3 weeks!!!"


Imagine reaching a place where you have achieved...

ATM Business Academy

Class Is In Session!

Through five, simple, step-by-step training modules, we'll teach the revolutionary system ATM (Add Tag Message) that utilizes modern, Facebook group strategies so you can prospect like a pro, build a massive amount of trust, and finally reach the financial freedom you've always wanted. PLUS, every strategy we teach is easily duplicatable so you can train your team with ease and help others accomplish their income dreams!

It's time to ATM your face off and build an MBA (Massive Bank Account)!


ATM stands for ADD - TAG - MESSAGE

Basically:  You ADD people to your Facebook group, TAG them in the post, then send them a follow-up MESSAGE.

Sound simple? That's the point!

At its core, the ATM strategy follows the same principles of a sales funnel (but without needing to create opt-in pages, lengthy emails, or other complicated content!)

Instead, you harness the power of Facebook groups to build value, curiosity, community, and YOUR personal brand!

And most importantly... it's DUPLICATABLE!

Blogs, Facebook ads, websites, email funnels are all well and good for traditional businesses, but they DO NOT WORK for network marketers because there's no way to duplicate their success for your team!  There's a HUGE learning curve to those strategies, not to mention they take up WAY too much of your precious time.

The genius of ATM is anyone from 8 to 88 can learn this process and achieve amazing results!

Why does this system work SO WELL?

As we like to say, your followers are like Santa...they're always watching. Even if they aren't participating, commenting, or engaging, they're eyeing your success and soon will be begging to get involved.

This is how ATM can help you increase trust, community, and connection in a short amount of time without a lot of legwork!

With ONE video or post, you can reach thousands (from all over the world!) How many in-person meetings would that take? (You'd lose your voice for sure!)

Honestly, that's our favorite part. Sure, ATM is responsible for us scaling from six figures a year to multiple seven figures, but we're most grateful for the amazing connections created, and the remarkable people we've been honored to meet!

This is the real magic of ATM.

This system will streamline your business, and help you reach the success you want in way less time.

Soon, you'll have the income you desire and all the time in the world to spend with your friends and family.


And now we want to share this remarkable system with you!

Ready to start living the dream? Let’s do this!

Class is almost in session.

Here's your syllabus!

Each module contains video lessons and PDF worksheets to help you apply what you learn directly to your biz. We know information overwhelm is real, so we keep these lessons laser-focused, fluff-free, and (most importantly) entertaining. Just simple, step-by-step instruction that includes the ONLY info you need and nothing you don't!

Value-Packed Downloads

Can you even believe this?!

Check out these value-packed bonuses!

Download #1:

ATM Facebook Groups Setup Guide

Set up your ATM Facebook Groups in 7 simple and easy-to-follow steps. 

Download #2:

Launching Your Online Business Step-by-Step Guide

Get a step-by-step breakdown of the posts/videos you need to create in order to launch your business and create momentum, even if you’re brand new.

Download #3:

Your Social Media Branding Infrastructure Checklist

Get a breakdown and specific examples of the type of Social Media content you should be creating in order to attract your ideal audience/customers.

Download #4:

Referral Posts Guide

Learn more about this simple strategy that will guarantee you massive results, even if you don’t have a big team yet.

Download #5:

60-Minute Daily FAME Tracker

Focus on the tasks that matter and track your progress. Eventually, the results will come!

Download #6:

4 Personality Types + Test

Discover what personality type you are and how to effectively communicate with others.

Download #7:

5-Day ATM Team Challenge Template

The best way to get people excited is to help them get results. And the fastest way to do that is to challenge them!

Download #8:

100 Box Team Challenge Template

Consistency produces results. Challenge your team and see how their results skyrocket!

Mega Bonus:

Top-Earner Secrets

How Tanya Aliza Enrolled 105 New Teammates in 64 Days Using the ATM System

How to Create a Badass Culture and Build Your Business with Intention with Brynn Lang

How to Succeed as an Introvert with Michelle Cunningham

How to Crush Your Sales with Jordan Nichole LeVeck

4 Simple Social Media Posts to Kickstart Your Biz with Kate McShea

5 Steps in Attracting Limitless Leads using Facebook Live with Kimberly Olson

Create a Social Media Sales Funnel using Trello with Wendy Lee Stephenson

We kept the cost of this program as low as possible because we know you’re going to get a huge return on your investment and

We want EVERYONE to have access to these strategies!

Total Value: $3,497 

Original Price: $1,497

For you today only...


Save $1,200

As a student of ATM Academy, you'll


Set up your Facebook Group the right way.

Stop feeling overwhelmed and confused, learn how to set up a group specifically for a solid network marketing strategy.

Build tremendous trust.

Once you gain trust, converting leads is a cinch! They'll be excited to join and thrilled to be part of YOUR team.

Duplicate like a pro.

Every action you take NEEDS to be duplicatable. We'll show you how to duplicate every strategy you learn in this system.

Train with ease.

These simple techniques are SO easy to teach. You won't just be maximizing your efforts but EVERYONE in your team!

Grow Your Customer Base and a Big Team.

As you grow your team, you can't neglect your customer base! We'll show you how to strike that balance and keep your business strong.

What works and doesn't work with prospecting on Social!

Learn all the best practices when it comes to a MODERN social strategy. Many of the old tricks don't work, but we're on the cutting edge.

Outdated techniques to avoid.

We know you're getting bombarded with SO MUCH conflicting information. That's because there are too many old strategies still floating around. Cut through the noise and implement the most effective, efficient strategies out there.

And so much MORE!

Are you ready to CRUSH IT with ATM?

Who Doesn't Love Compliments?

Here's what some of our students have said...

"I just did my month end review and my team added 121 new members this month! We grew 45% in just one month. #ATMforLIFE!!! This method is simple and easy to duplicate! Thanks so much John Melton and Nadya Melton for helping me get my biz to the next level!"


"I just wanted to thank John and Nadya for putting together a System that actually works. I was able to enroll 5 new customers and 2 new affiliates this month. This is a huge milestone for me. I’ve been ATMing my face off (in John's voice), plus I also made the Leaderboard for the month on my team… which has NEVER happened in any company before. I will be teaching my whole Team "THE Melton WAY"!"


"After just 1 month of implementing the ATM method, my husband and I were able to welcome 5 new teammates into our business and we also qualified for a recruiting bonus we weren't even aware of. We have never seen a more duplicatable method that any leader can teach their team without having to bother their friends and family and we've been in the industry since 1999."


The Real Power of Network Marketing

Did you know Network Marketing brought us together? Yep, it's true!

We met in our first company 20 years ago. And we have to say: it has been so humbling sharing this remarkable journey.

While network marketing has given us so many blessings, this of course been the greatest gift.

(Feel free to go 'awwwwww' at any moment.)

But that's not to say we haven't had our share of struggles.

For over a decade,

We worked our butts off the old school way.

In-person meetings, parties, conferences, coffee shops. It was a boots-on-the-ground, belly-to-belly, hustle-and-bustle 24/7!

And to be honest, we were successful. With our business smarts and people skills, soon we were at the second-highest level in our company and pulling in six figures annually!

But we were working ALL THE TIME.

We never saw our kids; we couldn't take a date night (let alone a vacation), our weekends were filled with in-person meetups, it felt like we never saw our home except for a few hours of precious sleep.

It was miserable. Our success was coming at too high of a cost.

Our wake-up call came when we saw how it was affecting our family. We didn't have nearly enough time for our kids or each other.

By 2012 we had enough.

We had been watching all these online marketers make SO MUCH MONEY. We're sure they were working hard, but it didn't seem like it. It seemed like more freedom, more fun, and more space. They were correctly using new tools and resources to maximize their every effort.

So, we bunkered down and started studying online marketing strategies and testing out different methods.

We tried every online marketing technique out there - blogs, Facebook ads, funnels, websites, an endless list of experimentation.

What we discovered was MOST strategies that worked for traditional businesses didn't work for network marketers because they weren't duplicatable.

It's just not worth your time if you can't duplicate.

Then we discovered the magic of FACEBOOK GROUPS.

It happened almost accidentally...

Like most marketers, we had a group of people on the fence. They were interested but not ready to take the plunge. So we offered to add them to our team Facebook group so they could watch and see if it was a fit.

One guy (who we had honestly forgotten about) messaged us out of the blue. He said he had been watching the group, saw how we were crushing it, and was ready to get started.

We were shocked!

Can you imagine having leads hitting YOU UP?

That moment opened our eyes to the true potential of prospecting through Facebook Groups and what was possible if you used Facebook the RIGHT way.

From that day forward, we became laser-focused on our social strategies. Along with our leadership team, we dialed in our techniques, and the ATM system was born!


Our business transformed...

We were blown away.

The best part? It was SO EASY to teach these strategies to our team. Our leaders were soon getting the same results!

Now, we want to teach these strategies to YOU!

That's why we developed the ATM Business Academy! We want you to harness the power of Facebook, quit the belly-to-belly hustle, and maximize your impact and bank account from the comfort of your home. NBD. (Ok, a really, REALLY big deal!)

We are so grateful for the opportunity to share this process with YOU. It's changed our lives; now it can change yours.

We kept the cost of this program as low as possible because we know you’re going to get a huge return on your investment and

We want EVERYONE to have access to these strategies!

Total Value: $3,497 

Original Price: $1,497

For you today only...


Save $1,200

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are SO excited about the ATM Academy and just KNOW you're going to love it, too. In fact, we're so confident; we're going to let you try it risk-free for 30 days! Yep, if after 30 days you’re not 100% satisfied, we'll give you every penny back. No questions asked!

"Our Facebook Group has grown"

"In 6 weeks my business partner and I have generated total Affiliate sales and trading profits totaling $4,165.00. Our Facebook Group has grown to 130 members. We do weekly Live webinars and Team training. We have a total of 23 Team members out of the 130 members so far in our private Group."


Meet John and Nadya...

We are so, so, SO happy you're here, exploring how our Academy can help you accomplish your dream.

While hard work and perseverance are important, we believe that EXPLICIT KNOWLEDGE is the difference between success and failure.

That's why we are so excited to share our secrets and help educate network marketers (just like YOU) to create successful businesses through proven, efficient, strategic methods.

Discovering social media and Facebook group strategies completely changed our lives. Without that knowledge we never could have become 7-figure earners, built a following of over 100,000, recruited over 1,500 people, and reached the top position in our company while still having plenty of time to spend with our family.

We’d still be stuck working 80+ hours a week (each!), driving all over town, and never having time for our kids!

Thankfully, we took action and discovered a way to merge our 16+ years of traditional network marketing with modern online strategies to create this focused, fluff-free, ATM system that we now want to share with you!

Our mission is to give you the knowledge and education you need to build a FREEDOM FOCUSED empire without having to sacrifice time with your friends and family.

Learn our simple, step-by-step strategies, and start implementing them in your business right away.

Let's get ready to CRUSH IT!


Nadya + John

Are you ready to CRUSH IT with ATM?

Your Investment Today: