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ATM Business Academy Stories

We’ve trained thousands of people all around the world. See how our ATM Business Academy has impacted their lives.
All the testimonies in this page are from students.


"Since learning the ATM Method, not only have I more than doubled my team and tripled my yearly income, I have been able to teach other people this simple method and help them have the success that they have always wanted but weren't able to achieve until now.

I am able to talk to more customers and potential business partners in less time, with less stress! For me that means that in addition to the financial freedom that this method has helped me gain, I finally have the Time Freedom to go with it. And that my friends is what it's all about!"

Had our best month ever in 8 years building our business!

"Me and my wife have been in this industry for 20 years and if it wasn’t for you guys we don’t know where our business will be. We had our best month ever in 8 years building our business. Super grateful for your teachings."


5 figures every month because of groups!

"5 figures every month because of groups! Thanks to you two inspiring me to stay up to date with groups!"


Our team didn't skip a beat!

"My wife and I and our team previously built the majority of our business OFFLINE and then we came across your ATM Strategy and saw how we could build it ONLINE. With that being said, we jumped on board with it literally 1-2 weeks before everything started getting shut down due to COVID-19. Thankfully, our team did not skip a beat and has only grown through all of this. Again, thank you so much."


The curiosity post in the training works!

"I joined the ATM academy two weeks ago and the curiosity post in the training works OMG. I applied and I have 10 people interested to take a look at what I do. Thank you John and Nadya."


From 347 to 3000 members in 3 months!

"Our ATM group grew from 347 members to 3000 in 3 months"


Got 7 new customers!

"All no's lead to a yes! I have been ATMing my face off! Got 7 new customers this month!"


The ATM Business Academy has changed the outcome!

"The ATM business academy has truly changed the outcome on success with my business. The intricate ways we are taught to simplify the system is a game changer. With everything that I have been taught and implemented, I have been able to pay down over $40,000 in medical debt, while having success with building a team and my customer acquisitions!"


"ATM System is the way! 12 new customers in 3 days using this strategy!"


"Our tribe is now #16 income earner because of this system!"


"I implemented one of the strategies and I have made 4 sales for one of my products. $130 in less than 30 min. Just for posting a Facebook story!! Thank God I am coachable."


"I just had the most amazing month ever after going through this course and implementing what I learned. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge."


"I already have 68 leads because of our system in less than 3 weeks!!!"


"We just had 51 New Associates join our Financial Firm in January which should put us in the Top 15 in the entire company. Our office is only 1 ½ years old and we’re competing against offices that have been around for 5, 10, 15 years old. Thank you for creating this and having this community for support!"



"Within 3 days of starting the ATM group, we had 6 customers place orders and 2 customers upgraded to promoter rank because of the simplicity of the group! Now 7 days in and the numbers are insane: 20 customer orders and 4 more upgrades to a promoter rank! I'm excited for the future of this group. Thanks, appreciate you guys!"

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