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Ready to fine-tune your personal brand and take your lead gen to the next level?

Our video and branding academy will take you from petrified or underperforming to

Lights, Camera, Action (and Sales) in a Matter of Days!

Building an online brand has revolutionized the marketing game. It puts a FACE to your product, builds TRUST between you and your audience, and gets them excited and ready to JOIN.

And video marketing is a big part of it! Whether you go LIVE or prefer to be pre-taped - video content makes it easier for people to engage with you!

But what does video really do? It BUILDS your Personal Brand!

There are TWO key reasons why video is a MUST for building your brand online:

Would you rather read 500 words or watch a 1-minute video? Yeah, your audience feels the same way! Video can deliver a lot of information (and emotion) quickly! 
Creating videos allows your audience to get to know you! People are looking for leadership, and video is a super short-cut for your audience to identify if you’re their cup of tea. 

A powerful Personal Brand means they remember you 
which means they’ll remember your product or offer.

Want a great example of how this sales flow works? Look at your favorite celebrity!

You might be following certain celebs online because you like who they are, and that makes you trust the project they’re in, which leads to you buying a ticket to their next movie.

It’s the marketing style of the rich and famous...

And YOU can generate leads with video, too!

First, let’s start at the opening scene…

You’ve been running your business for a while now - or maybe you just got started. You’ve tried putting a few videos or live streams out there to test the waters - or maybe you’d never do that in a million years (for now).

But we’re all marketers, and marketers can hit MAJOR BLOCKS:

Lead generation goes stagnant -- when you need it most!
Content creation turns into an energy-sapping slog!
Team growth becomes an impossible task!
Team growth becomes an impossible task!

And when it comes to making videos… you just don’t know what to say (or what to do!)

What if you could REBOOT your video strategy, starting today?

With robust video creation and on-camera abilities, you’re not just learning confidence, presentational skills, and gaining the killer edge to connect with your audience… you’re building a brand that people TRUST.

"But I’ve tried making videos, and they get like five views!"
"I don’t look or sound great on camera, shouldn’t I just do a podcast?"
"Filming in my bedroom/office/den/bathroom makes me feel unprofessional."
"I have no clue if these videos will convert into sales!"
"I just don’t know what I could EVEN talk about…"

Using video can make SO MANY things EASIER on your business. Imagine:

Building a TRUSTED brand!
When you create a brand people trust, it’s easier to build, scale, and expand your network into bigger and better markets!
Generate ENGAGED leads!  
Replying to video comments feels more personal to your audience because they just watched you talk to them. That’s a powerful connection!
Being an EXPERT in your niche!
Your audience will start turning to you, not just for your products, but your expertise. And guess who generates more leads and sales?
Connecting DEEPLY with your audience!
You can let them into your world while preserving your vocal cords from committing to thousands of presentations!
Every action you take is 800% MORE effective!
How is that possible?
Because, on average, video can generate 1,200% more shares than text and images combined (Brightcove). So the chances you can turn that content into getting prospects is higher than ever -- plus, you don’t waste your energy creating ineffective posts!

Let Us Show You Our 18+ Year Expertise!

We’ve been training our team on how to use social media to enhance network marketing for years. We have always challenged ourselves to use the latest strategies, and the results have been phenomenal.

Every month, our amazing team consistently:

  • Produces $3-4 million in sales
    • Acquires over 10,000 NEW customers
    • Enrolls almost 700 NEW team members!

Through this training, you’re going to get your hands on the exact resources that we employ with our own teams to turn video content into lead generation.

We can bring in the expert strategies and tried-and-true techniques that will make your pre-recorded and live video content better than ever, and change the way you prospect, forever!

You know you are doing something right when your son asks, “What will your Live be about tonight?”... He then proceeds to tell me, “Whatever it is, it will touch someone’s heart, Mom”. THAT right there is why I know I am where I am supposed to be, and this opportunity is truly a blessing! John and Nadya Melton, I have said it before and I will say it again, “You are an inspiration and light to us all! I am forever grateful for what you have shared and continue to share each day!


You are absolutely the best out there John and Nadya!!!My Live video views are up over 1,000 from last time I did this challenge, I think I found my audience, I got 50 followers and 60 friend requests in 2 days and my inbox is blowing up!


We are 19 days into the FB Live Challenge — I now have people reaching out to me, daily! I also have several people asking me to coach them — what?!?! The top earner in our company is following our videos! What's even bigger is that, I have had 3 conversions in the last week — mind blown!!! So much more than a business! Thank you John and Nadya! True Rockstars!


Super excited! Tonight was the first time I actually had some live viewers on my business page video (usually only have a few views on these) and even got a couple of reactions! Same way with the one I posted on my personal profile last night!! I know that's not very many, but after doing over 2 weeks of videos, it's gratifying to see some results!! And I keep remembering Nadya's comment about not comparing our beginning with someone else's middle! If we keep going, they will start watching!! Thanks to John and Nadya for their wonderful training and encouraging support!


I've really loved this challenge, and find myself growing each and every time I do one. This has also been my 2nd best month in business in a YEAR. I love it! Thank you John and Nadya Melton - these challenges are AWESOME and the support in this group is off the charts!


This powerhouse couple captivated me last year, and I quickly saw that they were the real deal.  When they told me to do Live Videos.. I’ll be honest, I wanted to run the other way. However, I saw how quickly they were building a brand which in turn was building their business.. FAST!  I knew it had to be done and there were no other couple to learn from than John and Nadya. Their trainings are impeccable, absolutely top notch.. and very entertaining, might I add. John and Nadya, I adore you both and can’t thank you enough for the commitment and inspiration you give to everyone in this profession.


18 months ago I had no idea really how to use social media let alone doing lives!! 18 months later and after quite a lot of stretching, I am now doing Facebook Lives, I have my own Live Show-which I had the honor of having both Nadya and John on:). I have so much more confidence now with myself and how I present myself on social media and in person.  I have set out on my journey to find my personal power and purpose-to extend whatever “goodness” I have to share with my tribe.  I am not being “stingy with my goodness” any longer. Thank Nadya and John for your incredible style of leadership and encouragement. #OBEY!!!


Hello! It’s Nadya here!

Could you believe that John and I - at one time - were NOT super-confident on camera?

(Okay, John was a little more comfortable than me, but that’s beside the point! 😉)

“But your whole brand is being on camera?! How’s that possible?”

Because when we started our business, video WASN’T a part of our brand - but when we saw the potential in online video, we HAD to transform our approach.

We found it was a better use of our time and energy, and the returns on investment were way higher than we ever expected.

After switching to a video marketing strategy,

The Results Speak for Themselves:

We went from one income stream to multiple - in only a few years!
We work 80% from home - when we used to be ALWAYS on the road!
We generate far more leads - our inboxes are constantly packed!
We were able to scale our business - to SEVEN figures!
We’ve been blessed to go on over 12 biz-cations a year - worldwide!
We grew our committed following - to over 100,000 people!

How did all this start to happen? (Trust me, it wasn’t easy!)

We recognized what people loved about us and put it on camera!

We had to be brave, experiment, try things out, and gather real data and feedback to determine what our audience wanted to hear from us. In short... 

...We HAD to Take Action! And So Should You!

Personally, I had to learn a really, really hard lesson throughout the video creation process. It might be one you’ve heard before, but this time it truly sunk in:

“Step it Up and Mess it Up!” 

I had to become okay with not doing things right the first time (or the second, or the third!) Because honestly, no one expects you to get it all the way right on your first try. Read that again. Good? Now read on!

When I started making videos, I had horrible, self-sabotaging thoughts. I thought I had beaten them years ago, but here they were again - and stronger than ever! 

All I could see were my imperfections: 

I didn’t like how my face looked...
I didn’t love how I laughed on camera...

I hated how unnatural I came across...
I started to feel like I just wasn't good enough...

It was torture. But I knew mastering video was going to be KEY to our success.

So, I decided to make one video a day for at least 21 days to conquer my fear.

For the first two weeks, I was miserable... and my videos reflected it - they were horrible! I could NOT get out of my head! But then, something happened.

I created a video and didn’t care how I looked or came across!

It felt like I'd had a deep tissue massage, and all the chatter had melted away. Seriously, it was like God spoke to me and said, "It's not your job to make everyone like you."

You need to feel the FREEDOM that making mistakes gives you and learn from it - even if you feel a little dumb or silly (trust me, you’re not) - just let it all out! 😝

Which is why John and I designed this 21-Day Challenge, to streamline that learning process and make it even MORE effective than anything you could do on your own.

And the biggest challenge -- and opportunity -- I recently had was on TikTok!

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I sped videos up!
I slowed them down!
I gave advice!
I did makeup tutorials!
I danced with my family!

But most importantly, I truly learned how to adapt my Personal Brand to TikTok and show off my personality, my sense of humor, my insights, and more! 

I literally asked what people wanted to see, and I had FUN doing it. 

Now, my following isn’t huge (yet!), but last time I experimented, it led to big returns... so why not now?

Here’s What a Winning Video/Brand Strategy Gives You:

Better, More Engaged Leads -
An audience that loves seeing you and hearing from you will be several-times as likely to buy into your opportunity. 
A Refined Brand Message -
Simply by taking this challenge and going through your Personal Brand journey, you’ll discover the STRONGEST parts of your message!
Multiple Pieces of Content (To Use Everywhere!) -
Imagine shooting a single piece of content that you can repurpose and use in multiple places. We’ll show you how!

Join Video Branding Academy!  

In this course, John and I will personally lead you through 4 modules of the BEST video content coursework we’ve ever made.

That’s right! It’s John and I, leading you through the most comprehensive information on online video.

Where to start? How to do it? How to convert? We’re covering it all, baby!

Plus! You’ll get access to 7 exclusive bonuses you definitely won’t see anywhere else.

We know that discovering your brand and learning how to create engaging videos can be a frustrating and (potentially) frightening endeavor.

But we’ve got your back!

Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and help build your confidence - while you get to dig into the best and most effective strategies that actually work!

Let’s break down our SECRETS to blockbuster-level success, and what you can expect...

Module 1: Showcase Your Unique Personal Brand

You’ve got a brand, baby - you just don’t know it yet!

Discover the REAL reason why Personal Branding is so important --
Want to finally learn how Personal Branding directly connects to long-term business sustainability and sales?
Process the 5 steps of Brand Discovery & Direction --
There’s a path every brand owner needs to take that reveals the true meaning of what having a brand means. What’s yours?
Uncover your Talents and reveal your Genius! --
We’ve designed a carefully crafted questionnaire that will revolutionize and refine how you see yourself (and your biz)... curious?

Module 2: Download Your Lead Generation Video Strategy

At the end of the day, it’s all about the sale -- let’s chat!

Find the best types of videos for you and your Brand --
Want to find what types of video content work BEST for you and the platforms that you’re ready to blow up in?
How to get more video views, even if you’re ‘brand’ new! --
What are the best ways to attract attention? And what are the most common mistakes people make with their videos?
Generate leads and monetize your content --
You want qualified leads, but how can you generate those leads with your content and still monetize?

Module 3: Dominate Your Facebook Live Broadcasts

You’ve watched our lives -- now learn how we do it!

The TRUTH behind our Facebook Live strategy --
Strategies you can use immediately after learning them -- have you ever wondered why we love Facebook Live so much?
Learn how to set up the perfect Facebook Live broadcast! --
Does going live make you nervous? Want step-by-step instructions on how to create a flawless broadcast?
Create winning content (even when you just don’t feel like it!) --
Creating momentum requires time and patience. But what do you do when you just don’t feel like showing up?

Module 4: Start! Don’t Stop! TikTok and Mastering Pre-Made Videos

The latest information on the hottest social platform and ingenious tips for creating professional-looking videos with ease!

The Genius of TikTok! --
Discover fresh ways to use the platform and up your video production game! Did you know that you can create videos with ease using the built-in features?
Create lead-generating content! --
What’s the best way to utilize TikTokand translate your followers onto your other Social Media channels? Get inspired by amazing strategies for lead generation!
Edit your videos like a PRO! --
If editing videos gives you anxiety, this module is for you! Discover the best apps and tools to help you create professional-looking videos with ease!

Sorry, We’re Not Done Yet...
Check out these NEW Bonuses we’re including!

Bonus: YouTube for Network Marketing

Create videos that work as a search engine --
driving potential customers and team members to your video content, and optimizing your videos to be discovered in search.

Bonus: The Art of Being Everywhere: Systems & Outsourcing

Stay within your zone of genius by knowing what to ask and how to find the best possible people who will fit your needs without making you go broke!

Bonuses (PDF)

Your Personal Brand Discovery Guide - With our expert guide, you’ll go through all the steps you need to focus and define your brand -- while discovering if you’re ready to have more than one income stream!
Video Growth Guide for Optimal Lead Generation - Unlock how to use videos in order to pique people’s curiosity! Want to discover the best video modality and social media platform for your brand? Then take the quiz and find out!
Social Media Prospecting & Recruiting Guide + Scripts - Set up your social media presence like a pro, and create immediate trust with your prospects. Plus, check out our proven scripts (the same we use!) that will help you prospect like a pro.
Your Complete Live Video Guide - How to use LIVE video as the best and most effective method to generate leads. Up your likability factor and discover the most successful strategies for going live!

(Phew! 😲 That about covers it!) 

Hollywood-Level Sales Success IS Possible
But first, you have to turn on that camera!

If you’re ready to enhance your Personal Brand, grow your team, generate leads, and start creating a trusted brand, then...

You’re Definitely Ready for Your Closeup!

Increase Your Success with Winning Videos & A Personal Brand!

I have gotten 3 brand new customers and a new marketer on my team. Thank you so much John and Nadya, without you both I don’t think I would have done it.


[…] we have started to get a lot of duplication with the ATM system, including a bunch of personal and business partners that came in. Let the flood gates open up because the tsunami of opportunity is coming! ATM baby!! Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity!


A Final Message from John & Nadya

Thank you so much for checking out our Video & Branding Academy! We are so excited to share our secrets and help entrepreneurs and network marketers (just like YOU) build your own home business empire. 

Without social media marketing or building our Personal Brand through video, we never could have become 7-figure earners, built a following of over 100,000, recruited over 1,500 people, and reached a top position in our company.

There’s just NO WAY.

We’d still be stuck working 80+ hours a week (each!), driving all over the place, and never having time for our kids!

Thankfully we discovered a way to merge our 18 years of traditional network marketing with modern online strategies to create a killer system that we now want to share with you!

Our mission is to teach you how to build a business that gives you FREEDOM with your time and FREEDOM with your finances. Because we want you to make all the money you desire without sacrificing what matters most, spending time with your friends and family.

Learn our simple, step-by-step strategies, and start implementing them in your business right away. Let's CRUSH IT!


Nadya + John

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I be discouraged if I don’t get any views when I start?
No. When you get started, it will seem like not a lot of people are watching, but that’s why our challenge is 21 days. What we found is that you shouldn’t worry about ‘vanity’ metrics. Instead of thinking about reach early on, focus on connection and honesty. It’s about sales at the end of the day, so view counts don’t matter as much as creating a compelling personality that people will be excited to follow and share. The sales will

Do I need to buy expensive equipment to create videos?
Absolutely not! In most cases, you can just utilize your phone to get started and get great results. But we’ll show you how to level-up when you’re ready for the next step.
What if I’m no good on camera?
That’s how everyone thinks in the beginning! Take it from someone who knows… you can find your niche and what you do best, and people WILL connect with it. We’ll also show you the best strategies for presenting yourself and how to make video work for you.

Can I use this even if I’m not in network marketing?
Absolutely! Whatever business you’re in, you’re looking to compel, build trust, and sell to your audience, and our challenge and course will teach you that! Learning how to use videos that turn into conversions will become a necessary skill in the future!
Is this challenge/course for me?
Yes. No matter your experience level, you will learn so much more about building your Personal Brand, and how to properly use video to generate sales and success. These are strategies you can utilize in your own business immediately. We really want to give you the most valuable information, so you have the best opportunity possible in online video!


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