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This is how we make money online:

We pioneered a concept called “Social Retail” — a revolutionary method that just in the last 5 years has generated:

3 million+


$1 billion

in sales

$500 million

in commissions

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Have you wanted the chance TO

Capitalize financially on something that very few people have ever heard of

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Your friend sent you this video to introduce you to a new concept that is disrupting the social sharing industry.

This concept has already acquired over 3 million customers and is the most duplicatable and scalable online business today.

This is how it works.

We teach you what to post on Social Media
Provide you with a $10 off discount code  
Pay you twice a day to be connecting customers to the products at  

What Makes Sharing Even Easier Is That

consumers are actively looking for the products that Modere sells.

Products like...

Our multi-patented Liquid Collagen or  
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Our sports performance line and even  
Our world-class skincare  

Think about it this way, you earn income by helping people to switch to safe, non-toxic products where they receive monthly discounts, free shipping options, have products shipped directly to their doorstep, saving them a trip to the store. 

It makes switching a no brainer. 

You may be wondering: 

Are there people doing this that are actually winning?”   

And the truth is, there are tens of thousands of people all over the world who are just like you—they’re using the Social Retail business model to provide extra income for their families.

You also may be thinking:

I’m not a social media influencer. Will I still be able to succeed at this?”   

And the answer, my friend, is yes.


a proven system that will teach you step-by-step exactly what to do and exactly what to say.

We’ve taken out all of the guesswork.

In fact, just in the first 5 years, our marketers acquired over 3 million customers, generated over $1 billion in sales, and generated over $500 million in commissions.

Now, despite our explosive growth, very few people have even heard of Social Retail. You can still be one of the very first people to get ahead of this trend. 

But I will tell you this, the secret is getting out quickly. Thousands of people a month are joining with us, plugging into our proven online system, sharing with customers, and being paid twice a day. 

Now, look, we all know that people are making money online. Why not you become one of them? 

The shift to online shopping is only going to continue. Your timing could not be any better. This is an opportunity you do not want to miss. 

The next 3 steps are simple:

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