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Exclusive LIVE Sessions with John & Nadya Melton:

ATM Business Academy

New curriculum 

Join us between Feb 1st - 5th at 12 pm EST on our

ATM Business Academy New Curriculum Sessions

Here's how it's all going down...

Between Feb 1st - 5th, we will do a LIVE re-recording of the ATM Business Academy.

What does that mean?

We will show up Live at 12 pm EST on our Facebook Business Page for 1 hour and deliver sessions (see the agenda below for more details). Each LIVE session will stay visible for 24 hours ONLY.

The only way to get lifetime access to the edited session recordings is to be a student of the Academy.

Disclaimer: Our current students WILL be grandfathered into this brand new Academy! 

STAY TUNED: If you're not a member the Academy yet, you will have the exclusive chance to enroll at a discounted price!

Here's What We're Teaching LIVE:

Feb 1st, 12 pm EST :  ATM Funnel Creation & Optimization 
- get the exact steps to build your very own ATM funnel and the best way to systemize your groups! 
Feb 2nd, 12 pm EST : Launching Your Business using the ATM System + Curiosity and Attraction Marketing Secrets 
- learn how to launch/re-launch your business on Social Media using the ATM system, as well as the secrets to Curiosity and Attraction marketing! 
Feb 3rd, 12 pm EST :  ATM Prospecting, Follow up & Close + Scripts
- get our best posture secrets (hint: we'll give you the exact scripts we use!)  
Feb 4th, 12 pm EST : Leadership: Team Building, Onboarding & Duplication
- discover the essentials of building a strong team (how to work your business in just 60 minutes a day) and specific duplication strategies you can implement right away!
Feb 5th, 12 pm EST : Social Media for Lead Generation - Facebook, Instagram & TikTok + Q&A
- learn what to post, so that these platforms can work for you and your business + exclusive LIVE Q&A with John & Nadya!


a big team

Sell More

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like a PRO!

These strategies WORK!

"When you add the numbers each day and see what you can accomplish - HOLY MOLY!! These strategies WORK!"

Lauren G.

Network Marketer

You make everything so clear.

"You guys make everything so clear. It's very reassuring. You don't just say, "do this, don't do that" but you make it very clear why, which for me, is essential!"

Carrie R.

Network Marketer

Get ready to transform your business and create the life you deserve!

Hey, John & Nadya here...

If it hadn’t been for this Social Media Prospecting system, our business wouldn’t be where it is today.

Without it, we’d still be stuck in our old routine, working 80+ hours/week (each!), driving all over town, never having time for our kids.

Thanks to it, we became:

… #1 team in our company for 3 years in a row;

… top 100 income earners in network marketing;

… 7 figures earners since 2017.

If you’re ready to learn a bulletproof method to attract and convert leads and create “OMG, pinch me” results, our ATM Live Re-Launch is for you.

See ya soon! 

John & Nadya xx


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