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In this one-month journey, more than 10 people personally called on my cell phone and appreciated the work I am doing on Facebook. They were very much impressed by the value I was giving to them. 3rd week was aha-mazing — I got 7 customers /reps. I’m so grateful to John and Nadya Melton!


This powerhouse couple captivated me last year, and I quickly saw that they were the real deal.  When they told me to do Live Videos.. I’ll be honest, I wanted to run the other way. However, I saw how quickly they were building a brand which in turn was building their business.. FAST!  I knew it had to be done and there were no other couple to learn from than John and Nadya. Their trainings are impeccable, absolutely top notch.. and very entertaining, might I add. John and Nadya, I adore you both and can’t thank you enough for the commitment and inspiration you give to everyone in this profession.


18 months ago I had no idea really how to use social media let alone doing lives!! 18 months later and after quite a lot of stretching, I am now doing Facebook Lives, I have my own Live Show-which I had the honor of having both Nadya and John on:). I have so much more confidence now with myself and how I present myself on social media and in person.  I have set out on my journey to find my personal power and purpose-to extend whatever “goodness” I have to share with my tribe.  I am not being “stingy with my goodness” any longer. Thank Nadya and John for your incredible style of leadership and encouragement. #OBEY!!!



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