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Here's What We're Teaching:

Our Surefire Methods for Productive Social Media Marketing

Business Crippling Mistakes 97% of Entrepreneurs are Making RIGHT NOW and How to Avoid Them

How to Generate 3-5 Leads (At Least) for You and Your Home Business Every Day

How We Use Our “Triple Multiplication” Duplication Strategy to Generate $3-4 Million/Month in Sales


Testimonials from Our Customers

Amazing feedback from our customers from around the World

"We have started to get a lot of duplication with the ATM system, including a bunch of personal and business partners that came in.

Let the flood gates open up because the tsunami of opportunity is coming! ATM baby!! Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity!"


"I just did my month end review and my team added 121 new members this month!

We grew 45% in just one month. #ATMforLIFE!!! This method is simple and easy to duplicate! Thanks so much John Melton and Nadya Melton for helping me get my biz to the next level!"


"Woot Woot! So I just enrolled my first associate in my biz using the ATM strategy!!

I have been doing live videos since the 30-day video challenge, started a secret group to add people into, and this was by far the EASIEST sign-up I have ever had!!! Thanks John and Nadya! You guys are the bomb for com!!!"


"Within 3 days of starting the ATM group, we had 6 customers place orders and 2 customers upgraded to promoter rank because of the simplicity of the group!

Now 7 days in and the numbers are insane: 20 customer orders and 4 more upgrades to a promoter rank! I'm excited for the future of this group. Thanks, appreciate you guys!"


"I just started a generic challenge in our Facebook product group. The ATM process is working like crazy! That group grew from 3000 people to 4000 in 2 weeks.

We are so fired up. Adding great generic content is making a huge difference. People are loving the group so much. Thanks for your training!"


"John and Nadya, THANK YOU for the ATM business academy and the training you provide! If you will listen to these two, your business WILL take off...

Be consistent with your posts, in the fashion which they prescribe — keep adding value, keep reaching out via PM, keep going… This stuff works!"


"Ok seriously, Nadya & John Melton, I’m NOT even in network marketing and I bought your ATM Academy last night. I began implementing it late last night! I woke up to 2 additional appointments on my calendar and to another review/testimonial on my FB page. So, for those on the fence about purchasing the ATM Academy, my personal (and professional) opinion is just DIVE IN because this content ROCKS."


"SO...coming into the ATM method, seems logical. Like "duh", right? But the truth is, without John & Nadya I wasn't taking this method as seriously as I should have. Since being in this Private Facebook Community, I have the structure & discipline to FOLLOW UP (Message Step) and seal the deal.

I've been adding SO many new business builders & customers just since being in this academy and the support group! This week alone, I have 2 qualifying team members & a qualifying customer. THANK YOU John & Nadya!"


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