Social Retail Model Explained:

Hey, there! 

John & Nadya here. We're top 100 income earners in Network marketing, home business experts, trainers, personal branding and online marketing strategists. We pride ourselves on helping thousands of entrepreneurs all over the world build their home businesses leveraging Social Media!

If you're looking for a way to generate an extra income from your phone around your busy life, keep on reading!

We started our entrepreneurial journey almost 20 years ago (it's hard to believe, we know!) and truth be told, it wasn't always easy. 

In 2013 we went all in on figuring out how to use the internet to build a business around our kids. At the time, we were building the old school way (a.k.a. offline) and we were out every night. We had no life.

Needless to say, online marketing transformed our lives!

Long story short, we’ve seen it ALL: the good, the bad, and the exhausted. BUT! That’s also what pushed us to create the systems we have in place today, which ultimately led us to the type of success we only ever read about in books or saw at conferences. We never thought that could happen to us.

But just in the last 4 years, our organization has done over $150 million in sales. ALL without ANY home parties, meeting presentations, and three-way calls!

We know what you're thinking - is this legit?!

Absolutely and it's actually quite simple. We're part of a company that has pioneered Social Retail Marketing.

Simply put, we teach you how to promote products that:

people love
flat out work
are literally flying off the shelves all over the world!

Plus we'll give you ALL the tools you need to succeed.

We'll teach you exactly what to:

post on social
say to people
do every day

... in order to crush it!


... if you're at least 18 years old

... if you're coachable

... if you're ready to start earning a 10 to 36% commission on viral products that everyone loves 

... if you want to start getting daily direct deposits...

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